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For week ended September 12, 1999 Posted 19 Sep 1999
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LDS Anchorwoman joins Gumbel on new CBS Morning Show (Meet Gumbel's new 'collaborator')


LDS Family looses four-year-old to Albany E. coli outbreak (Parents talk about losing daughter to E. coli illness)

"Lori and I talked and decided it wasn't right for her to live that way," Wayne said. "So now we have Kaylea without a sister. They were best friends." The Aldriches are watching Kaylea's health closely, but despite some setbacks, she seems to be improving. "I get excited about the little things," said Lori. "When she goes to pee, I get excited because that means her kidneys are working well."

LDS Bishop had big impact in Y equipment room (Heart of Y. athletics in equipment room)

Tired of news of random shootings, hurricanes ready to blast the beach, and politicians who can't give a straight answer. Then read this article. It's about Floyd Johnson, a man you might never had heard of, but who is near and dear to the hearts of just about every athlete who had his socks washed at BYU. He was hired over forty years ago to be the equipment manager at BYU. During those years he not only stacked shoulder pads, washed socks, and glued names on jerseys; he also invented such things as the four-point chinstrap, mesh laundry bag, and strap-on thigh pads.

LDS Business Guru Tells Companies to Cannibalize Themselves (Internet defense strategy: Cannibalize yourself)

LDS business professor Clayton Christensen, who teaches at Harvard Business School, is currently one of the hottest speakers in the consultancy world. But Christensen's advice seems strange at first glance. He calls his advice 'survival by suicide.'

Movie Buffs prosecutor has few regrets

Three years ago the Utah County prosecutor opened a case against "Movie Buffs," charging that the store was distributing pornographic videos. After a long investigation, trial and mistrial, and finally a retrial, the defendant was acquitted. Deputy county attorney Curtis Larson, a High Councilman &Bishopric member in his ward, had to spend three weeks reviewing 450 videotapes, many of them beneath the dignity of his calling.

LDS Family Will Suffer Generations of Tears (Generations of tears)

In the first article in a Deseret News special on genetic diseases, author Collins focuses on LDS Church member Julie Askew and her family. Julie suffers from Huntington's Disease, a degenerative brain disease that wastes away parts of the brain. Physicians compare the disease to having Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's diseases simultaneously.

Vanessa Ballam, Miss Cache Valley/Miss Utah in Miss America Pageant

Miss Vanessa Ballam, beautiful, accomplished, and poised LDS young woman, is in Atlantic City preparing for the Miss America Pageant. Vanessa, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ballam of Logan, UT, was crowned Miss Cache Valley 1998-99, then succeeded in her challenge for the Miss Utah title which then gave her the opportunity to compete in the Miss America Pageant.

Mrs. America Pageant boasts two from isles

Mrs. Texas, Edrienne Leolani Carpenter, is a member of the LDS Church and has been competing in the annual Mrs. America pageant held in Hawaii. Sister Carpenter was scheduled to compete in the preliminary competition this past Sunday, and possibly in the final competition, held Tuesday evening, September 14th.

LDS Film Maker Gets Joy from Small Train (Small train brings great joy)

Starting in 1950, Thirot worked first for KSL-TV, then for Film Service Corp. in Salt Lake City, winding up a vice president/general manager. For 40 years he filmed the University of Utah basketball and football games, only missing two football games in 40 years. Over the years, he purchased and rebuilt a 12-inch gauge steam locomotive, built rail cars, and built a mini-railroad out of 3,000 feet of track from a Eureka gold-and-silver mine.

Utah Resident Who Fought for Rights of the Deaf Dies at 75

Lloyd Perkins lost his hearing to spinal meningitis when he was just nine years old. But he didn't let that (or much of anything else) stop him. He helped influence the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and also fought and won the battle for total communication (sign language AND lip reading) teaching in Utah's schools.

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