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For week ended September 12, 1999 Posted 19 Sep 1999

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LDS Anchorwoman joins Gumbel on new CBS Morning Show (Meet Gumbel's new 'collaborator')

Summarized by Kent Larsen

LDS Anchorwoman joins Gumbel on new CBS Morning Show (Meet Gumbel's new 'collaborator')
Boston Globe 9Sep99 L5
By Bruce McCabe, Globe Staff, 09/09/99


CBS finds fit for 'Glass Slipper'
ByDallas TX Morning News 9Sep99 L5
ByBy Ed Bark: The Dallas Morning News
Clayson will join Gumbel on 'Early'

LDS Church member Jane Clayson, 33, will be Bryant Gumbel's co-anchor for the upcoming CBS morning program "The Early Show," which will premiere November 1st. The program is CBS' latest attempt to get a foothold in morning programing, which is currently dominated by "Today" and "Good Morning America."

In selecting Clayson, CBS says it reviewed 300 applications and interviewed 100 applicants. While industry speculation said CBS had offered the job to many different people, including Oprah Winfrey, CBS says it only offered the job to Clayson. Clayson's choice was announced in a national teleconference yesterday, at which the media were able to ask questions of Clayson and CBS management about the choice.

In the teleconference, Clayson was asked about everything from her shoe size to her religion. On the latter, she said that she has lived outside of Utah most of her life. "I grew up in Boston, Seattle, and Nashville. I've been all over the place. I didn't grow up in Utah. I went to school and worked there.'' Clayson has a journalism degree from BYU and worked at KSL-TV from 1990 to 1996.

Since then she has lived in Los Angeles, turning down opportunities to come to New York to stay with her husband. However, the couple have since divorced.

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