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 Mormon News: All the News about Mormons, Mormonism and the LDS Church
Posted 24 Feb 2001  
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About Mormon-News

Mormon-news began operation in July of 1997 as an e-mail list of news items about Mormons and Mormonism. The basic idea was to give a complete and fairly detailed picture of current events, trends and the people behind those events, as long as they involve Mormons and Mormonism. This includes news about Mormon culture, activities, events and people worldwide. Mormons and Mormonism are meant in the broadest sense -- i.e., those people and Churches that claim to believe in the restoration of the gospel by Joseph Smith through the Book of Mormon, and those that are culturally associated with those groups.

As a website, Mormon-News contains the same type of material as the e-mail list; news items Mormon News' volunteers have written along with links to the source, press releases and personal reports sent to the list by subscribers. Mormon-news does not carry the full text of news items published elsewhere for copyright reasons.

Mormon-news is run by volunteers. Its readers can send in messages to Mormon-news and can help in other ways, including finding and sending in news items, writing summaries, and editing headline lists. If you would like to help, see the volunteer information page.

The Mormon-News e-mail list was started by Kent Larsen. The Website was started in January 1999.

Those interested in the most timely Mormon-News, can join our e-mail list. Or, you can bookmark and visit our webpage any time you like.


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