Mormon-News Mailing List

Mormon-News is an e-mail list that sends out news items about Mormons and Mormonism. This includes news about Mormon culture, activities, events and people worldwide. It contains summaries of news items, press releases and personal reports sent to the list by subscribers. While Mormon-News can not carry the full text of news items for copyright reasons, each post should contain a summary of the item and a reference (often a clickable web address) to the original.

While Mormon-News is not a discussion list, subscribers can help in several ways, including finding and sending in news items, writing summaries, and editing headline lists. If you would like to help, see the volunteer information.

Items may include summaries of news items, headlines, press releases or personal reports of news stories that the subscriber wrote.

Since no discussion is permitted, it is highly unlikely that Mormon-News would contain any disputes or contentious material.

Mormon-News was started in August 1997 and is run by Kent Larsen <>. It is fairly active (about 10 posts each day). Anyone can send news items to the list, but the list is edited and all messages must be approved. A once-a-week digest version of the list is also available.

Subscribing to Mormon-News

To Subscribe send an email message to:
In the body of the message write:
subscribe mormon-news
To subscribe to the digest write:
subscribe mormon-news-digest
You will be sent a confirmation message, to which you must reply correctly to join mormon-news.

You can send a number of other commands to find out about the list, leave the list, and to find out how you are subscribed to it. The main Mormon-News page has a form that allows you to send all these commands.

Sending Messages to Mormon-News

Please keep the following in mind when sending messages to Mormon-news.

No Discussions! Mormon-news is not a discussion list. If you wish to discuss a news item, either forward it to another list and discuss it there, or e-mail the author privately.

Forwarding is Encouraged. You may forward posts from Mormon-news, as long as the footer showing that the item came from Mormon-news remains attached.

Be Careful When You Reply. Please make sure that you are replying to the right place. Since Mormon-news is not a discussion list, replying to Mormon-news is usually not appropriate.
The list owner has the final say over all decisions regarding this list and how it is run.

Unacceptable Posts

Messages with the following material are unacceptable and will not be sent to the subscribers of Mormon-news.

If you are sending a command, make sure you send that command to the right address. Commands go to <>. The listowners will not respond to messages sent to the wrong address, except to indicate where the message should be sent.

The addresses on the list are not available to list members, and culling addresses from posts to the list is strictly prohibited. Mormon-news is not a vehicle for spam, nor will it allow anyone to abuse a subscription to collect addresses.

The list owner has the final say over all decisions regarding this list and how it is run.

Mormon-News is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in any way. Messages on the list therefore do not and can not represent the official policy of the Church.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Kent Larsen.