Mormon-News Mailing List
Detailed Introduction



* Brief list description

* How to subscribe and unsubscribe

* How to get further information

* Who runs this list and why

* How much traffic does this list get?

* How is the list configured?

* Receiving posts from the list

* Sending posts to the list

* Getting old posts

* Unacceptable posts

* Enforcement

* Other list rules

* Disclaimers


Brief List Description

Mormon-news is an e-mail list that sends out news items about Mormons and Mormonism. This includes news about Mormon culture, activities, events and people worldwide. It contains summaries of news items, press releases and personal reports sent to the list by subscribers. While Mormon-news can not carry the full text of news items published elsewhere for copyright reasons, each post should contain a summary of the item and a reference (often a clickable web address) to the original.

While Mormon-news is not a discussion list, subscribers can send several types of messages to Mormon-news and help in several ways, including finding and sending in news items, writing summaries, and editing headline lists. If you would like to help, see the volunteer information page.

Items may include summaries of news items, headlines, press releases or personal reports of news stories that the subscriber wrote.

Since no discussion is permitted, it is highly unlikely that Mormon-news would contain any disputes or contentious material.

Mormon-news was started in July 1997 by Kent Larsen <>.

Subscriptions to Mormon-news are open to anyone. However, people that violate the list rules will be permanently removed from the list. All messages sent to the list are reviewed by the editor prior to be sent out.


How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe

To join ldsprimary, send an email message to:
In the body of the message write:
subscribe mormon-news
You can also used the form on our main page.
You should send this request from the address at which you want to receive the messages sent from Mormon-News. After you send the above command, you will receive a confirmation request. This request is required to join the list.

The confirmation helps verify that the address that the list collected is the correct address, and is a check to make sure that the subscription request has not been forged. Sending in the confirmation will add your address to the list.

When your address has been sucessfully added to Mormon-News, the list rules (a text version of this document) will be sent to you. If you have problems subscribing, please let us know by sending a copy of any replies you get from the software that runs the list, or, if you got no reply, just send us a note explaining what you did and what happened.

To leave Mormon-News, send an email message to:

In the body of the message write:

          unsubscribe mormon-news

Please note that this message must be sent from the same address at which you recieve posts from ldsprimary. If the address is different, please send one of us, Kent Larsen, a note so that we can change the address or remove you from the list.

Mormon-News exists both as a 'normal' list (mormon-news) and as a digest list (mormon-news-digest). The digest is sent whenever the volume of messages posted to Mormon-News and not yet sent in a digest reaches 32k.

You may switch back and forth between these lists whenever you like. You can also join both the digest and normal list if you like. The two act like separate lists, except when you post - all posts go to Mormon-News, and they are then fed to Mormon-News-digest. The digest list includes the full text of all posts to Mormon-News.

As a reminder, the basic subscribe and unsubscribe command instructions are summarized at the end of every post.


How to get further information

There are several sources of further information. A condensed version of this document, our information document, is available by sending an email message to:
In the body of the message write:
info mormon-news


This document itself is available by sending an email message to:
In the body of the mssage write:
intro mormon-news

The following information contains the other commands that are recognized by the "Majordomo" mailing list manager, version 1.94, the software that runs ldsprimary.

In the description below items contained in [ ] 's are optional. When providing the item, do not include the [ ] 's around it. Items in angle brackets, such as <address>, should be replaced by appropriate text without the angle brackets.

Majordomo understands the following additional commands:
which [<address>]  Find out which lists you (or <address> if specified) are on.
who <list> Find out who is on the named <list>. This command has been disabled for LDSPrimary
info <list> Retrieve the general introductory information for the named <list>.
intro <list> Retrieve the introductory message sent to new users. Non-subscribers may not be able to retrieve this.
lists Show the lists served by this Majordomo server. This command has been disabled on panix.
help Retrieve a list of all majordomo commands. This list of commands comes from that document.
end Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).
Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to Multiple commands can be processed provided each occurs on a separate line.

Commands in the "Subject:" line are NOT processed.

You can also process all of these commands from the form on the main Mormon-News page.

If these documents don't answer any questions you may have, please write Kent Larsen.


Who Runs this List and Why

Mormon-News is owned by Kent Larsen. It is run on software provided by my service provider, Esosoft, to whom I pay a fee.

I provide Mormon-News as a free service to the Mormon community on the Internet. We have no plans to ever charge for this service, but I reserve the right to accept advertisements in the messages and website.


How Much Traffic Does This List Get?

Mormon-News gets about 10 messages a day (November 1998 estimate).

How Is The List Configured?

Mormon-News is run using the majordomo list software. It is configured to require approval by the list-owner to send messages to the list.

Mormon-News is also available as a digest. While the digest is technically a separate list, subscribers to the digest can still post immediately to Mormon-News. The digest is configured to be sent out once a week.

Receiving Posts from the List

The address you subscribe from (the address this message is sent to) is the address that will get all messages from Mormon-News. If this address is wrong, please unsubscribe, and send a subscription request from the address you want the messages to go to.

Many times messages sent to list subscribers are returned (i.e., 'bounced') by the various mail servers on the Internet, for a variety of reasons. These reasons include both temporary problems (such as a network problem) and more permanent problems (such as an address that has been deleted by a service provider).

The most common 'bounced' message is that the subscriber's mailbox is full (which generally happens when you don't read your messages quickly enough). Regardless of reason, if mail sent to a subscriber's address bounces for more than 24 hours, the subscriber's address will be moved to the digest list.

When the subscriber's address bounces for more than 24 hours with a permanent reason (such as 'user unknown' - indicating that the address no longer exists), the address will be removed from the list permanently.

Occasionally, the system a subscriber is on returns bounces to the list address instead of to the sender, as Internet rules require. Since this causes email loops, and we have no choice but to remove the subscriber from the list. However, a note will be sent to the postmaster of the errant system explaining the problem, and asking them to let the subscriber know.

Mormon-News does not permit subscriptions by addresses that redistribute or archive its messages.


Sending Posts to the List

Please keep the following in mind when sending messages to Mormon-News.

No Discussions! Mormon-news is not a discussion list. If you wish to discuss a news item, either forward it to another list and discuss it there, or e-mail the author privately.

Forwarding is Encouraged. You may forward posts from Mormon-news, as long as the footer showing that the item came from Mormon-news remains attached.

Be Careful When You Reply. Please make sure that you are replying to the right place. Since Mormon-news is not a discussion list, replying to Mormon-news is usually not appropriate.


Getting Old Posts

Old posts are available from an archive of the digest version of the list. To get a list of all the files available, send a message to:
In the body of the message write:
index mormon-news
You will then get a message with a list of the available files.


To get the files send a message to:
In the body of the message write:
get mormon-news <filename>


If you would like, you can also send these commands using the form on the main Mormon-News page.


Unacceptable Posts

Messages with the following material are unacceptable and will not be sent to the subscribers of Mormon-News.


If you are sending a command, make sure you send that command to the right address. Commands go to The listowners will not respond to messages sent to the wrong address, except to indicate where the message should be sent.

Don't send messages crossposted (i.e., cc'ed) to multiple lists. These messages are almost always off-topic.



The list owners are the final arbiters of all the rules outlined in this document and that apply to Mormon-News.

Actions the list owners can take include, but are not limited to, removing subscribers permanently from the list, removing them for a period of time, keeping the subscriber from posting to the list, and moving the subscriber temporarily or permanently to the digest version of the list.


Other List Rules

1. Mormon-news's addresses may not be used to SPAM. Subscribing to Mormon-news in order to collect e-mail addresses is strictly prohibited. The addresses on the list are not available to list subscribers and the list is not for sale under any circumstances. Sending spam or unsolicited commercial or bulk e-mail to other list subscribers, even off-list, is prohibited.

2. Anonymous posts or posts with forged addresses or headers are also prohibited and will not be sent to the list. We can not see any reason why anyone would need to send a post like this to Mormon-news.

3. Offensive or abusive post to other list subscribers, even if off-list, is also strictly prohibited.

4. Be careful about using 'vacation' or other programs that automatically reply to your e-mail. These programs can cause e-mail loops, and your address will be immediately removed from the list if a loop occurs.


Mormon-News is owned and operated by Kent Larsen. Operational decisions and rules are solely their responsibility.

The content of messages sent to Mormon-News are the sole responsibility of the person that sent the message. That person
retains copyright over the message, but grants to Kent Larsen the non-exclusive right to redistribute the message to list members,
to publish the message in the Mormon-News archives, and to publish the message in other ways consistent with the list

Mormon-News is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in any way. Messages on the list therefore
do not and can not represent the official policy of the Church.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Kent Larsen.