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Posted 24 Feb 2001  
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Tips for Finding Expired Links to Articles

Many times you can find an article on-line, even though the link from Mormon-News isn't working. Here is some suggestions for finding articles that are no longer where Mormon-News says they are:

Before you look for an article, collect the basic information about it given on Mormon-News: The name of the publication and place published, the date published, the article title and the author name. This information can be very helpful in locating the article.

Finding On-line

First, check the newspaper's home page to see what clues it may give you for getting old articles. If you don't know the newspaper's home page URL, try simply removing everything in the URL except for the initial part ending in .com or .edu.

For example, say the URL is:



When you find the newspaper's home page, look for a table of contents or a site index, that may give you either a list of articles, or the URL for the section of the newspaper where the article is probably located. If you locate a page with a list of articles, you can use your browser's 'find' function to search the page for a word or words that appear in the title.

There are two general ways that on-line newspapers handle older articles, if they have them on-line at all. First, some newspapers move the entire newspaper for the day into a separate directory - changing the URLs of every article in that day's paper in the process.

Other newspapers simply add new articles each day to the top of a list for each section of the newspaper, and often removing the articles at the bottom of the list. In these newspapers, the URL doesn't change after the first day, but may have been removed.

Another thing to look for on the newspaper's home page is a site search form or a link to the newspaper's archives. If you find a search form, either on the home page or on an archive page, enter a word or words from the article's title to see if the article is available on the site.

Paying for the article

Most newspapers will provide some way of getting old articles by paying a fee. Many of these articles offer a way to pay for the article on-line. In these case, the newspaper's archive page usually gives instructions.

Several on-line services also can sell to you old articles, especially from major newspapers. These services include famous off-line services like Lexis-Nexis that are now on the web and newer web startups like newslibrary.


Finding Off-line

Many times, the only way to get an article that is no longer on a newspaper's web site (or if the newspaper doesn't have a web site) is to find it off-line. Probably the best way to find articles this way is to visit a local library, especially if it is a library for a large University. Universities often have old newspapers in their files or carry microfiche copies of the newspapers.

Most newspapers also maintain their own archives, so you can always call the newspaper and get an article directly from them. The newspaper usually charges a fee for this service.

Of course, you can always see if a friend has the article.


Does Mormon-News have the article?

Please, do not ask us at Mormon-News to provide you with a copy of an article. For copyright reasons we can't provide you with the article, and we will not even answer requests for the text of an article.

A List of Newspapers and how to get to their archives

Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune has a complete searchable archive of their contents on-line going back to 1980. You can get this archive by clicking on thei on-line archive button on the Tribune's home page. Manny current articles are also available on the web by progressing back through the table of contents, clicking on the same day of the week each time you visit the table of contents.

Deseret News

The Deseret News archives are available for six months. Articles before six months ago are available for a fee.

LDS Church News

The Church News' archives are available back to 1980 for any paid subscriber.


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