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For week ended August 15, 1999 Posted 30Aug99
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New mission for Murphy

Dale Murphy's most prized possession is a giant plastic baseball, about the size of a beach ball, covered with signatures. If you look at the autographs, however, you may not recognize the names.

BYU grad earns degree despite huge setbacks

The average student's complaints about pressures and problems of juggling the demands of college life pale beside the trials and troubles David Frantz overcame to successfully complete his graduate program. During his years at BYU, Frantz faced many unique challenges. First, he learned his wife had contracted a rare, debilitating illness. Then his son was born prematurely and struggled to live. Later, Frantz dealt with the death of his wife, became a single parent and eventually remarried all while pursuing a master's degree and conducting rigorous cancer-related research.

BYU Will Have Long List of Candidates

Although LaVell Edwards would deny it, rumors are that he may be retiring as football coach at BYU after this year. Edwards says he still has a passion for the game and gets excited for each new season. "It's an intuitive thing," he says, "like a homing pigeon. I start not sleeping as well and lose my concentration on the golf course." This article looks at the careers of a couple of likely successors to the post, all of whom are necessarily members of the Church.

Lawyers Reflect On Their Roles In Watergate

This article looks at two LDS lawyers, who were players in the Watergate proceedings 25 years ago. Todd Christofferson and Lynn Wardle were both returned missionaries from Utah, who had graduated from BYU and then Duke University Law School. Brother Christofferson began working for Judge John J. Sirica in 1972, Brother Wardle was hired two years later.

Europe trip has special significance for Nielsen

BYU's basketball team just finished touring Europe. This article, written before the trip, highlights the experiences that sophomore Eric Nielsen may have. One stop on the trip will be Croatia where Nielsen, who served a mission in Russia will be able to use his fluency in the Russian language.

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