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For week ended August 15, 1999 Posted 29 Aug 1999

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BYU Will Have Long List of Candidates

Summarized by Gregor McHardy

BYU Will Have Long List of Candidates
Salt Lake Tribune 15Aug99 L5
By Michael C. Lewis and Kurt Kragthorpe: Salt Lake Tribune

Although LaVell Edwards would deny it, rumors are that he may be retiring as football coach at BYU after this year. Edwards says he still has a passion for the game and gets excited for each new season. "It's an intuitive thing," he says, "like a homing pigeon. I start not sleeping as well and lose my concentration on the golf course." This article looks at the careers of a couple of likely successors to the post, all of whom are necessarily members of the Church.

The two heirs appearent are Tom Holmoe, who is currently the head coach of the California Golden Bears (who will, coincidentally, play BYU at home on Oct 9), and Gary Crowton, who presides over the offensive effort of the Chicago Bears. These two head the list because of their experience as head coaches for college teams. Their careers, strengths, and weaknesses are probed in this article. In addition to these, the names of several other possible successors are listed. These names include:

Norm Chow (Offensive Coordinator, BYU) Charlie Stubbs (Quarterbacks coach, Alabama) Ken Schmidt (Defensive coordinator, BYU) Lance Reynolds (Runningbacks coach, BYU) Robbie Bosco (Quarterbacks coach, BYU) Dave Campo (Defensive coordinator, Dallas Cowboys) Greg Croshaw (Head Coach, Dixie College) Ron Haun (Head Coach, Ricks College) Mike Leach (Offensive coordinator, University of Oklahoma) Andy Reid (Head coach, Philadelphia Eagles) Danny White (Head coach, Arizona Rattlers)

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