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For week ended August 1, 1999 Posted 8 August 1999
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LDS Church gets Temple Stoplight

Los Angeles County's MTA has given in to an LDS Church request for a stoplight in a plan to reconstruct Santa Monica Boulevard in front of the Los Angeles Temple.

LDS Church lobbying for tax cut

A proposed $792 billion tax-cut has drawn the lobbying efforts of the LDS Church along with a number of other tax-exempt groups, in an effort to make sure the measure includes a $110 million provision benefiting the for-profit entities of tax-exempt organizations.

LDS Church opposes current Boulevard Plan

The LDS Church is the most powerful remaining critic of a $68 million plan to rework and beautify a 2 1/2 mile stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard on the west side of Los Angeles. Concerned about access to the its Los Angeles Temple, the Church would like the plans changed to add a traffic light and new entrance to the Temple, which towers over the boulevard.

Neighbors Want LDS Church to Guarantee Granite Quarry Work Will Be Over This Year

Neighbors who sought to block the LDS Church's quarrying of granite from their neighborhood are now trying to hurry up the effort. In the wake of the Salt Lake County Commission's decision last month to allow the Church to quarry within 800 feet of homes in the area, the neighbors are now seeking to force the Church to finish the job in the next four to six weeks.

Out of harm's way

In an article printed in an industrial safety magazine, Tom Hardcastle, Production Supervisor for the LDS Church's Cannery in Murray Utah addresses safety concerns about church owned canneries and bishops storehouses. He talks about the amount of volunteer labor that the church uses in such facilities and the risk that untrained people pose being around machinery that they are not familiar with.

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