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For week ended August 01, 1999 Posted 7 Aug 1999

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Neighbors Want LDS Church to Guarantee Granite Quarry Work Will Be Over This Year

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Neighbors Want LDS Church to Guarantee Granite Quarry Work Will Be Over This Year
Salt Lake Tribune 29Jul99 C6
By Brandon Loomis: Salt Lake Tribune

Neighbors who sought to block the LDS Church's quarrying of granite from their neighborhood are now trying to hurry up the effort. In the wake of the Salt Lake County Commission's decision last month to allow the Church to quarry within 800 feet of homes in the area, the neighbors are now seeking to force the Church to finish the job in the next four to six weeks.

"They claimed that they would be done in four to six weeks, and the only reason they wanted to break [the buffer limit] was to get in and get out," says neighbor Karen Cunningham. "If that's the case, let them get in and get out." But Cunningham isn't convinced that speed is really the Church's motive for quarrying inside the buffer (i.e., within 1,000 feet of homes in the neighborhood), "They did it for ease and to get more rock out," she said.

The LDS Church's attorney on the project, Mark Mascaro, told County commissioners earlier this month that, provided there was good weather, the Church could finish this summer, if they could quarry closer to the homes. Mascaro declined comment to the Salt Lake Tribune Wednesday.

One County Commissioner, Brent Overson is disposed to hear the neighbor's appeal, "That's fair enough," he said. "It's important to hear all the facts." But Overson declined to say if he would vote for a time restriction on the Church's quarrying. Other commissioners either were unavailable or wanted more information before making a decision.

The attorney for the neighbors, Cullen Battle, said that the request to force the Church to finish early was reasonable. "If there's going to be an extra burden on the people who live there, there ought to be some benefit to them," he said.

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