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For week ended January 24, 1999 Posted 2 Feb 1999
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Did LDS Culture Play Role in Oly Scandal?

Since many of those involved in the Salt Lake Olympic bid were members of the LDS Church, the Salt Lake Tribune consulted with LDS thinkers and ethicists in the area to see what in LDS Culture, if anything, may have led to the scandal.

Commentary: Checketts abandoned principle to acquire Sprewell

Mormon sports business executive Dave Checketts has a lot of explaining to do. Yesterday, Checketts, who as head of Madison Square Garden runs the New York Knicks basketball team, for the Golden State Warrior's Latrell Sprewell.

Report of Y. players leaving likely a rumor

Mike Rigell, BYU's top freshman football player, was granted a release from his scholarship Thursday evening. His reasons for leaving are undisclosed. Yet, an unverified internet report indicated that players are in disagreement over the supensions that have been handed down to teammates Ronney Jenkins and Heshimu Robertson.

Cougars' Rigell weighing options

It has been rumored that non-member BYU black athletes, Mike Rigell, Kevon Morton and Michael Westbrook are planning to leave the BYU football program soon, though the players that were contacted, denied it.

Shawn Bradley: Winning is his goal

Shawn Bradley, who will be used off the Dallas bench behind John "Hot Rod" Williams, is hinting that he may retire, at the age of 29, when his contract expires in the 2000-2001 season.

Irvine Valley's Esplin Keeps Getting Better With Age

Returned missionary, Ben Esplin was the first basketball player at Vacaville High, a Los Angles area school, to earn a Division I scholarship when he signed with University of Pacific in 1994.

UK's Mickelsen Didn't Sit With Couch Around

College Football offensive receiver, Lance Mickelsen, a returned missionary and Utah native, thought he grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere until he was invited to the tiny backwoods hometown of his teammate and good friend, Kentucky quarterback Tim Couch.

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