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For week ended January 24, 1999 Posted 2 Feb 1999
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Shawn Bradley: Winning is his goal

Summarized by Leesa Magooch-Johnson

Mavericks: Winning is his goal
Fort Worth TX Star-Telegram 23Jan99
By Dwain Price: Star-Telegram Staff Writer


Jones sees an old grudge in snub
Philadelphia PA Daily News 25Jan99
By Doug Darroch: Daily News Sports Writer

Shawn Bradley, who will be used off the Dallas bench behind John "Hot Rod" Williams, is hinting that he may retire, at the age of 29, when his contract expires in the 2000-2001 season. (This season he will be making $6.75 million.)

Bradley says it's because he would like to spend more time with his wife and "four beautiful daughters".

7 foot 6 inch Bradley first caught the eye of the NBA when he played one season at Brigham Young University. When he returned from a two year mission in Australia, the Philadelphia 76ers made him their second player in the 1993 draft. He was signed to an eight year $44.2 million contract. Instead of becoming a star he became a short-blocking novelty, traded to the New Jersey Nets early in his third pro season. After a little more than a year, he was then traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

Pete Newell, who runs a summer camp for big men, wishes Bradley had been one of his campers. He believes that he could have bridged the gap between college and the NBA.

Bradley scoffs at the people who say he's short-changing himself by not working hard during the off-season.

"They don't know, and they don't understand," Bradley said. "It's real easy to look at a big guy and say he doesn't work as hard as the other guy, because he appears slower. Many times he is slower.

"It's just part of the stigma that comes along with us 7-footers. But I can't worry about what other people think. I've got to worry about what I think and how I feel about it, and go out there and work harder and become better."

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