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Posted 29 Sep 2001   For week ended September 21, 2001
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General News
Is Scouting Worth the Fight? Liberals say 'Yes'
Like a commander rallying his troops who have just been turned back in their assault on a strategic hill, Benjamin Sockis has outlined in The New Republic the liberals' call to courage in their continued effort to have the Boy Scouts of America yield on its stand against homosexuality. The goal, clearly, is to take the hill with continuing assault.
Seatrek Crew Mourns at Terrorist Attack News
The private venture re-enactment of the 19th Century migration of European converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been taking place over the past six weeks, where those aboard left behind sports scores, stock prices and celebrity gossip. However, on Tuesday, Captain Kaare Omsted called crew members and trainees on deck to announce the news of the terrorist attack on the United States. Deseret News correspondent Tawny Archibald recently reported ship board experiences in light of the tragedy.
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Local News
Notable Mormons, Apostle Support New 'Alliance for Unity'
The "Alliance for Unity," a group of church, business, political and media leaders stood together Monday on the steps of the state Capitol under a U.S. flag and read a statement of unity crafted by the alliance. "We are concerned that acceptance of diversity in Utah today is not of the scope or at the level it ought to be," read billionaire industrialist Jon M. Huntsman and Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. "Our overriding goal is to help people cross boundaries of culture, religion, and ethnicity to better understand and befriend one another."
New York Stake Member Details Help Needed
A member of the New York, New York Stake sent the following e-mail message detailing some of the local needs in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center and suggesting that it be forwarded to "those who have expressed a desire to serve." As some of the needs are applicable to communities outside New York City, and since Mormon News has learned of several efforts around the US to provide assistance, we are forwarding the message for the benefit of those interested in helping.
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BYU Football Graduation Rates Among Lowest in NCAA
The NCAA released a study last week of student-athlete graduation rates that puts BYU on the bottom when measuring the difference between the graduation rate of football players at the school and the graduation rate of male students at BYU. But while the rates are affected by the prevalence of LDS missionaries at BYU, missionaries still don't explain why BYU's rate is so low. And the rates could put BYU out of post-season and championship competition under the Knight Commission's recommendations released earlier this year.
LDS Olympian Drowns in Fishing Accident
Former Olympic runner and member of BYU's Athletic Hall of Fame Paul Cummings drowned Monday in a fishing accident on Strawberry Reservoir near Salt Lake City. Cummings was a versatile runner, a five-time All-American track star who competed in the 1984 Olympics and set records in the 15 kilometer and indoor 1,500 meter races. He was 48.
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LDS Church-backed Seattle Amendment Makes Ballot
An amendment to the King County, Washington charter backed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other religions in the Seattle area will appear on the ballot in the county in November. The County Council agreed to put the measure on the ballot Monday in an 11-2 vote in spite of critics who said that the measure is irrelevant, since it contains the same language that is already in the state constitution.
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Missionaries at World Trade Center Rumor Not True
A widely-circulated email message claiming that a group of missionaries were scheduled to meet in New York City's World Trade Center on Tuesday, September 11th is incorrect, according to local missionaries, and is likely a hoax. The message, entitled "Testimony Builder" claims that three or four zones of missionaries were supposed to meet in the complex, but that all of the missionaries and the mission president were unable to make the meeting. So many details in the message are erroneous that it is more likely a hoax than a misunderstanding, unlike another message concerning BYU student interns.
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NEWSFLASH: KSL TV Reports Utah Tourists May be WTC Victims
A report on Salt Lake City's KSL-TV 5 last night says a family of 12 vacationing in New York City may have been victims in last Tuesday's World Trade Center attack. Steve Mendenhall of Springville, Utah told co-workers at the Flying J. truck stop there that he hasn't heard from the family members, who were scheduled to tour the World Trade Center Tuesday morning.
Number of Mormon Casualties at Five
The number of Mormon casualties in Tuesday's terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and on the Pentagon stands at five as two additional casualties have come to light. While the identities of these most recent people are not know, Mormon News' sources say one New York area LDS Church member who worked in the World Trade Center is missing and the LDS Church has reported that another Church member is among those missing at the Pentagon.
Munich LDS Members Accused in Massive Fraud
The Munich, Germany Criminal Court opened a massive fraud trial last Thursday against four principles of a local investment company, including three prominent local LDS Church members. The trial accuses the four of using their firm, Wirtschaftsanalyse und Beratung Aktiengesellschaft (Economic Analysis and Consultation, AG), known by its initials, WABAG, to defraud more than 6,000 investors of 190 million German Marks ($ 95 million).
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Arts & Entertainment
Former MoTab Organist Schreiner Honored
In honor of what would have been his 100th birthday, Alexander Schreiner Centennial Celebration was held on September 8-9. A series of lectures, a banquet and a recital on the Tabernacle Organ that Schreiner helped acquire more than a half century ago, honored the virtuosic performer nearly 15 years after his death in 1987.
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Hollywood Entertainment Fighting Investor Fears
Mark Wattles, the LDS CEO of video rental chain Hollywood Entertainment, is fighting misconceptions among investors and trying to lift his company's stock price. Over the past two weeks Hollywood Entertainment's stock has fallen more than 25% after rival Blockbuster devalued its inventory because of the increasing popularity of DVDs. Investors have assumed, erroneously according to Wattles, that Hollywood Entertainment needs to devalue its inventory also.
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