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Posted 24 Feb 2001    
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Stories that Mormon News has covered in multiple articles.

 Zoning Challenges to LDS Building Projects
Neighbors to LDS Church building projects, including Temples and meetinghouses, have delayed or cancelled the projects and led the Church to support legislation in the US to stop the zoning challenges.

Last News Story: 19 January 2001

 Mormon News' Coverage of the LDS Church's Main Street Plaza
After the LDS Church and Salt Lake City reached an agreement for the Church to purchase a one block-long segment of Main Street in Salt Lake City for a plaza, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the sale, claiming the city was selling a location traditionally used for protest.

Last News Story: 1 September 2000

 University President E. Gordon Gee
LDS Church member E. Gordon Gee has, in a little more than two years, moved from being the beloved president of Ohio State University, to the controversial president of Brown University, to Chancellor of Vanderbilt University.

Last News Story: 6 August 2000

 BYU Student Julie Stoffer's Appearance on MTV's Real World and Suspension
BYU student Julie Stoffer joined the cast of MTV's "The Real World," only to discover that BYU felt that the housing arrangements on the show violated the school's honor code.

Last News Story: 16 July 2000

 Salt Lake City's Gilgal Garden
A campaign by art lovers and Mormon culture enthusiasts has led Salt Lake City to purchase the Gilgal sculpture garden, filled with Mormon-influenced folk art.

Last News Story: 16 July 2000

 Case Against Football Prayer Involving Mormon Family
A Mormon family and a Catholic family filed a lawsuit against the Santa Fe, Texas school district over harrassment of their children because of their religion. The case eventually ended up in the US Supreme Court, where the Court ruled that school-sponsored prayers at football games violate the US Constitution.

Last News Story: 25 June 2000

 Accused Murderer Robert Elmer Kleasen
The man once convicted of murdering two LDS missionaries in Austin Texas has run into trouble with British authorities for weapons violations.

Last News Story: 13 January 2001

 The Boston Temple Challenges
Neighbors of the Boston Temple have challenged the Temple and the zoning process that allowed it to be built. But the LDS Church has managed to go ahead with the construction of the building.

Last News Story: 19 January 2001


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