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Posted 21 Sep 2001   For week ended September 21, 2001
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Missionaries at World Trade Center Rumor Not True
A widely-circulated email message claiming that a group of missionaries were scheduled to meet in New York City's World Trade Center on Tuesday, September 11th is incorrect, according to local missionaries, and is likely a hoax. The message, entitled "Testimony Builder" claims that three or four zones of missionaries were supposed to meet in the complex, but that all of the missionaries and the mission president were unable to make the meeting. So many details in the message are erroneous that it is more likely a hoax than a misunderstanding, unlike another message concerning BYU student interns.

Missionary Mail to Brazil; Sites Selling Books
Several of the websites that have shown up as new this week are selling unique LDS books, outside of normal LDS bookstores. These sites are selling original hymnbooks, books of gospel-centered Family Home Evening activites and a local LDS history. In addition, a new mail delivery service speeds up delivery of mail to LDS missionaries in Brazil and a home teaching service tries to help wards and home teachers track what they are doing.

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