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Posted 27 May 2001   For week ended May 25, 2001
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Internet News

LDS Radio 'Instrumental' Channel Suspended
One of the two channels in the LDS Radio Network, LDS Instrumental, has been temporarily suspended due to copyright concerns. These same concerns have shut down hundreds of on-line radio stations as broadcasters realize they may have to pay composers, artists, record labels and performers additional royalties for using their works on the Internet in addition to traditional broadcast media. LDS Instrumental broadcast music from several LDS record labels over the Internet and through digital satellite transmissions to cable TV systems that currently carry BYU-TV. Its sister-channel, LDS Radio, continues to broadcast, but could be affected in the future.

BYU's Marriage Info Website Redesigned
BYU's Family Studies Center has redesigned its marriage information site, narrowing its purpose and making it easier for visitors to understand what is available there. The website is a source of resources about marriage, but it is not a counseling center, as some past visitors assumed.

Websites on Pioneers and New LDS Dating Service
Newly listed on one LDS Directory is the Sons of the Utah Pioneers website, which, with the better-known Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, make up the heritage organizations that celebrate the efforts of the pioneers, most of whom were Mormon, to settle Utah. In addition, an LDS Pioneers webring gives access to websites that contain histories of LDS pioneers.

KZION And KNAK Make Broadcasting Deal
KZION LDS Internet Radio, the only independent, Internet-based music radio station which caters to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and KNAK Radio, 540 AM tested a historical broadcasting experiment Sunday in hopes to be able to establish a continuing partnership. KNAK, based out of Delta, Utah, broadcasted KZION's "Sounds of the Sabbath" Internet stream to all its listeners from Cedar City to Point of the Mountain.

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