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Posted 03 Jun 2001   For week ended May 25, 2001
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Churchwide News

LDS Church Objects to News Stories Calling Tom Green 'Mormon'
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints again told news media that the terms "Mormon fundamentalist" and "Mormon splinter group" are inaccurate and asked that they not be used. The Church registered its objections, its second to these term in less than a year, in a press release issued last Wednesday. The release came amidst media attention to the trial of polygamist Tom Green, who has been widely characterized in the media as a "Mormon fundamentalist."

Missionaries in Greece Face Cultural Challenges
Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints face strong opposition to their efforts to teach the tenets of their faith to the people of Greece and Cyprus.

'Uphill Battle' of Missionaries in Greece Makes Local News
Greece Athens Mission President John Stone told Athen's Kathimerini newspaper that Greeks are among the most difficult people to convert. "The Greeks have a deep conviction in their religion," President Stone told the newspaper in an article published yesterday, "I haven't been in any other country where the religion has such a deep hold on the people." The article covered the difficulties that missionaries in Greece face and gave readers an overview of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

DUP Collecting Arizona 'Honeymoon Trail' Stories for Book
Many stories from early Mormon history about the trials, tribulations, and sacrifice of the pioneers are inspirational and even awe-inspiring. Perhaps none more so than the stories of the deeply devoted men and women who traveled the "Honeymoon Trail" from Arizona to St. George, Utah. For a period of approximately 40 years, from 1880 until the early 1900s, when the Mesa, Arizona Temple was completed, hundreds of couples made a long and difficult journey so that they could solemnize their marriages in the St. George Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

SCRATCHPAD: Pros & Cons of Prosecuting Polygamy
The conviction of Utah polygamist Tom Green leaves prosecutors both in Utah and elsewhere with the basic question: "Should other polygamists be prosecuted?" In spite of the feelings of those opposed to the practice, those that believe in a hands-off policy, and even those that support the practice, the answer to this question is not obvious. The Scratchpad, a new Mormon News feature, looks at the pros and cons to the question.

Brigham Young 200th Birthday
The 200th birthday of Brigham Young will be celebrated in a variety of events in Utah and other states. Brigham Young, born 1 June 1801, is revered by millions as a prophet and by historians as a key figure in the settlement of the American West.

Unique Partnership Provides School Supplies to Needy Children
School supplies —from scissors and crayons to kid-size chalkboards— are reaching the hands of children in need thanks to a unique partnership between Delta Airlines and the humanitarian service arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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