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Posted 11 Jun 2001   For week ended May 25, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

General News
LDS Church Objects to News Stories Calling Tom Green 'Mormon'
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints again told news media that the terms "Mormon fundamentalist" and "Mormon splinter group" are inaccurate and asked that they not be used. The Church registered its objections, its second to these term in less than a year, in a press release issued last Wednesday. The release came amidst media attention to the trial of polygamist Tom Green, who has been widely characterized in the media as a "Mormon fundamentalist."
Missionaries in Greece Face Cultural Challenges
Greece Athens Mission President John Stone told Athen's Kathimerini newspaper that Greeks are among the most difficult people to convert. "The Greeks have a deep conviction in their religion," President Stone told the newspaper in an article published yesterday, "I haven't been in any other country where the religion has such a deep hold on the people." The article covered the difficulties that missionaries in Greece face and gave readers an overview of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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Local News
Anti-Mormon Group Opens Office Near LDS Mesa Temple
The anti-Mormon ministry Concerned Christians has moved its main office to new quarters, just two blocks from the Mesa Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The ministry, operated by former LDS Church members Jim and Judy Robertson, expects the new location to give their work an expanded presence in the community. But LDS Church spokesman Wilford Anderson says that the move won't get a reaction from the Church, "The only appropriate response to criticism from others is to live our religion."
Infested Again, Maybe Reno Should Pray for Seagulls
For the third year in a row, crop and flower eating Mormon crickets have homeowners in the Red Rock area north of Reno, along with agricultural officials, concerned about the economic damage to Nevada's rural economy. "It's the worst infestation by the little buggers since the early 1970's," said Jeff Knight, an entomologist for the Nevada Department of Agriculture.
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Did Checketts Succeed in New York?
When Cablevision's Charles Dolan fired LDS Church member Dave Checketts last week, it marked the end of Checketts' fight to balance his beliefs and values with the cut-throat New York sports world. For ten years Checketts had managed to make that balance, managing to work the process until he finally ran out of moves. But while Dolan's move has left Checketts out of the Garden, it seems unlikely that he will not be soon snapped up elsewhere in the sports world, given the remarkable financial record he built, increasing the Garden's revenues by ninefold in less than 10 years.
Not Your Typical NBA Player
Reporter Lewis MacAdams, writing a fairly lengthy column for LA Weekly, is just the latest in what is becoming a long line of writers to discover the complex persona that is Mark Madsen. As previously reported in Mormon News, Madsen, a returned missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is currently enjoying the excitement and thrill of the NBA playoffs as a rookie player for the Los Angeles Lakers.
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Young Gets Another Term on Religious Freedom Commission
LDS Church member Michael K. Young was re-appointed to a second two-year term on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom this week by Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. Young remains one of the nine voting members on the commission, which researches and reports on religious freedom around the world, making independent suggestions that further religious freedom to both the US President and Congress.
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LDS Radio 'Instrumental' Channel Suspended
One of the two channels in the LDS Radio Network, LDS Instrumental, has been temporarily suspended due to copyright concerns. These same concerns have shut down hundreds of on-line radio stations as broadcasters realize they may have to pay composers, artists, record labels and performers additional royalties for using their works on the Internet in addition to traditional broadcast media. LDS Instrumental broadcast music from several LDS record labels over the Internet and through digital satellite transmissions to cable TV systems that currently carry BYU-TV. Its sister-channel, LDS Radio, continues to broadcast, but could be affected in the future.
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'I am a Child of God' Author Naomi Randall Dies
Naomi Randall, longtime leader in the LDS Church's primary organization and author of what is arguably the most beloved LDS hymn, died Thursday, May 17th at her daughter's house in La Mesa, California. Sister Randall said that the lyrics for 'I am a Child of God' came to her in answer to prayer about writing a new song for Primary General Conference. The song has since moved beyond the Primary to be used in all LDS services, not just those for children. Sister Randall was 92.
LDS Woman's Stalker Arrested and Charged
A 20-year-old LDS woman's stalking nightmare may be over after Mesa, Arizona police arrested Frank William Elmer, 52, on May 11th. Elmer is charged with two counts of stalking, one count of threatening and one count of attempted kidnapping in connection with his three-year-long obsession with the woman. Elmer met the young woman, whose name has not been released, when her father, an LDS Bishop, was helping him return to normal life after a stint in prison.
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Arts & Entertainment
New Paintings, Jerusalem Model to Grace Temple Square Visitors Center
Utah's most popular tourist attraction, the Visitors Center at Temple Square, is undergoing a renovation that will feature several life-size works by Mapelton, Utah artist David Lindsley. Lindsley will recreate 19th Century German artist Heinrich Hofmann's famous "Christ in the Temple," along with 12 life-size paintings depicting scenes from the life of Christ that will be placed at the entry-level of the visitors center among a huge 3-D model of Jerusalem.
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Resignation of CEO Leaves Iomega's Future in Doubt
Iomega Corp. CEO Bruce Albertson resigned Monday over differences with the company's board of directors, including board chairman David J. Dunn. In the wake of his resignation, investors are wondering what direction the troubled company will take as it struggles to turnaround its fortunes and the fall in its stock price.
Pioneering Radio Executive Jay William 'Bill' Wright Dies
Jay William "Bill" Wright, a former radio executive and broadcast engineer died May 22nd in Woodinville, Washington. Wright was one of the early radio operators and engineers for KSL radio, who went on to help develop technologies for detecting submarines and jamming rocket guidance systems during World War II before he rose to become Chairman of then-KSL parent Radio Service Corporation of Utah. He was also chief engineer of both CBS and Seattle's King Broadcasting Company. He was 91.
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