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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended September 3, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

 General News

Santa Fe Texas Group to Hold Prayer at High School Football Game
Efforts to protest the US Supreme Court's ban on school-organized prayers at High School football games are returning to where the dispute started this weekend. An alliance of Santa Fe, Texas ministers is expecting 10,000 people to recite the Lord's Prayer immediately after the national anthem is played at this Friday's Santa Fe High School football game. The Supreme Court case came when a Mormon and a Catholic family sued the district over is sponsorship of religious activities on school grounds and its humiliation of a Mormon student.


Main Street Plaza Suit Hits New Dispute
While crews continue working on the two-acre plaza replacing a one-block long stretch of Main Street between Temple Square and the LDS Church's office buildings, attorneys for both Salt Lake City and for the ACLU continue working on the lawsuit challenging the sale of the road. Both sides are gathering evidence, but when the ACLU asked to depose the city attorneys, the city balked and said no.


 Local News

Boston Temple Open House Begins, Demand Brings Down Website
The Boston Globe reports that 2,500 invited guests attended the first day of the Boston Temple's open house, as nearby residents, town officials and clergy were awed by the building's size and beauty. The LDS Church's Don Mangum, who is helping to organize the one-hour guided tours, says he expects 70,000 to 100,000 visitors to tour the building during the open house, which ends September 21st.


LDS Church Delays Sending Mountain Meadows Artifacts to Arkansas
Scott Fancher, president of the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation, is encouraged by a recent letter that was issued Tuesday, August 29th by the Utah Attorney General's Offices state archaeologist Kevin Jones, that recommended that six buttons and some broken crockery that were discovered and removed from the burial site be re-buried with the emigrants' bones at Mountain Meadows.



BYU Working on Edwards Replacement, Eagles' Reid Declines Interview
Although BYU Athletic Director Val Hale's says that the school is concentrating on the current football season, he has also contacted several candidates and asked them to interview to replace retiring BYU football coach LaVell Edwards. But one of the possible candidates, the Philadelphia Eagles' Andy Reid, while acknowledging that BYU had contacted him, says he wasn't interviewed.


RM at UWisconsin to Sit Out Sunday Basketball Games
Ricky Bower, a freshman recruit on the University of Wisconsin's basketball team, will not play in the team's Sunday games, according to a report in yesterday's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Bower, who missed two seasons while on an LDS mission in Poland, committed to the Badgers this past month, after making it clear to Badger coach Dick Bennett that he wouldn't play or practice on Sundays.


 Politics Becomes First LDS Political and Civic Involvement Web Site
Just in time for the millennium's first election, steps on to the political stage. On August 31, 2000 at 11:00 a.m., will take its place as the Internet's first site dedicated to supporting LDS involvement in civic and political affairs. Congressman Chris Cannon and gubernatorial hopeful, Bill Orton, will be on hand at the Utah State Capitol Building to assist in the unveiling of the site.


Mormon Meteor III restored
Sixty years ago, the Mormon Meteor III was the fastest car in the world. Its owner and driver, David Abbott (Ab) Jenkins II, cherished the car, and sold the valuable car to the state of Utah for $1 and the promise that it would be protected and cared for properly. For decades, visitors to the state capitol building saw it displayed prominently.

 Arts & Entertainment

LDS Playwright Neil LaBute's 'Bash' on Showtime Tonight
LDS Church member Neil LaBute's controversial show "Bash: Latterday Plays" will be shown in a television version on the cable channel Showtime at 8 p.m. tonight. Ahead of the play, several newspapers reviewed the performances and LaBute's work, acknowledging its dark and controversial nature, but often praising the work.


LDS Developer's 'New Urban' Development Approval Expected Today
An LDS Church affiliate's planned development in Kansas City, Shoal Creek Valley, is expected to be approved by the city council today. The planned development is notable because it incorporates principles of so-called "New Urbanism," including favoring walking over driving, into the development. The 1,700 acre development could eventually house 15,000 people, the offices they work in and the businesses they frequent.


LDS Investment Guru Under Investigation
Former cabbie Wade Cook created a large financial-seminar business, sharing strategies of triple-digit annual returns on investments. Now the Federal Trade Commission and authorities from 13 states are nearing completion of settlement pacts with the Wade Cook Financial Corporation because of numerous customer complaints.


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