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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended September 3, 2000
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Churchwide News

 Santa Fe Texas Group to Hold Prayer at High School Football Game
Efforts to protest the US Supreme Court's ban on school-organized prayers at High School football games are returning to where the dispute started this weekend. An alliance of Santa Fe, Texas ministers is expecting 10,000 people to recite the Lord's Prayer immediately after the national anthem is played at this Friday's Santa Fe High School football game. The Supreme Court case came when a Mormon and a Catholic family sued the district over is sponsorship of religious activities on school grounds and its humiliation of a Mormon student.

  Mormon Sports Columnist, ADL Object to Football Prayer Protests
As activists continue preparations for their protest in favor of school-sponsored prayer before high school football games, both the Anti-Defamation League and a Mormon sports columnist question the practice, supporting this past summer's US Supreme Court decision which ruled school-organized prayers before football games unconstitutional. The case resulted from a challenge by a Mormon family and a Catholic family.

  Main Street Plaza Suit Hits New Dispute
While crews continue working on the two-acre plaza replacing a one-block long stretch of Main Street between Temple Square and the LDS Church's office buildings, attorneys for both Salt Lake City and for the ACLU continue working on the lawsuit challenging the sale of the road. Both sides are gathering evidence, but when the ACLU asked to depose the city attorneys, the city balked and said no.

  Non-Mormons in Utah feel frustrations of being a minority
"I think majority sentiment frequently ignores that which is different,'' says John Norman, president of Salt Lake City's Judge Memorial Catholic High School. "They just didn't recognize that their actions left people out." While growing up in the Northern Utah town of Logan, Norman remembered being left out of birthday parties and boy scout events, simply because he was Catholic in a predominantly Mormon town.

  New FLDS Policy Decimates Local Public Schools
A month after FLDS Church leader Warren Jeffs called on church members to leave the public schools, teaching their children at home instead, the now open schools have felt the effects of that decision. About two-thirds of the previous student body decided not to enroll this year, leaving the schools with nearly empty halls and underutilized resources. But while the loss of students hurts, the schools are seeing a few benefits.

  Hinckley's Boston Globe Interview Tells of Continuing Growth
Shortly before the dedication of the Boston temple, he was interviewed by Michael Paulson of the Boston Globe. Here are some excerpts from that interview.

  FAIR Holds Second Annual Apologetics Symposium
The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR) met recently in Alta, Utah to hold the group's second annual Mormon Apologetics Symposium. Daryl Barksdale, president of FAIR, states that his organization is committed to a Christ-like approach in defending and correcting any errors or misconceptions that are perpetuated on religious message boards on the World Wide Web. "Our mission is simply to address the issues themselves and not the personalities behind those who address those criticisms."

Other Churchwide News

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