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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 23, 2000
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Local News

  Caracas Venezuela LDS Mission Office Robbed December 15th
Two armed robbers burst into the LDS Church's mission office in Caracas, Venezuela on December 15th, stealing cameras and money from two missionaries and a former missionary. The three were held hostage for several hours before the robbers escaped.

  Hawaii Regional Conference Talks by Elder Packer and Pres. Hinckley
President Hinckley to dedicate KONA Hawaii temple. Pres. Packer to accompany. From there they go to the Gilbert Islands, then to Indonesia. They were invited to stay in the Palace in Indonesia but they will stay in a Hotel. "I want to keep our free agency" (he still uses the term). He is then going to Northern Australia, Singapore, then back to Guam. (I may have left out a few stops). Pres. Hinckley challenged members to take up the slack to maintain the same level of activity in the Laie temple now that Hawaii (Big Island) members are going to attend the Kona temple.

  LDS Missionary Couple Gets Ambulances for Georgia
While serving as LDS missionaries in the southern caucasus republic of Georgia, Phillip and Betty Reber discovered that the republic has an urgent need for ambulances. The poverty-stricken country simply didn't have enough to cover the country's needs.

  Book of Mormon available in Estonian
The long waited volume of Scripture in Estonian (language belonging into Finno-Ugric group, related to Finnish and Hungarian, spoken by about 1,000,000 people) is published. The Saints in Estonia have been waiting for that day many years.

  Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple Open House Delayed
The open house for the Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple have been delayed from February 12th to February 15th, according to information provided to the media by LDS Church Public Affairs. The delay removes a Friday, Saturday and Monday from the open house schedule.

  Misread License Plate Puts LDS Man in Jail
A police officer in Colby, Kansas misread the license plate on a car driven by LDS church member Justin E. DeBusk of Katy, Texas. When the misread plate didn't match the car, Officer Scott Sitton pulled the rental car over, and in the process discovered that DeBusk's passenger was a wanted drug dealer, who promptly shot and killed himself.

  LDS Doctor's sex abuse conviction upheld
The controversial sex-abuse conviction of LDS Doctor John E. Parkinson was upheld by California's 1st District Court of Appeals on Thursday. The Court said that one juror's use of her medical knowledge to answer other juror's questions about evidence didn't taint the jury's deliberations.

  West LA Ward Helps Sponsor Billboard
An LDS ward in West Los Angeles has joined with three other faiths to rent a billboard promoting prayer. The billboard is located at the intersection of Santa Monica and Westwood boulevards and contains the simple phrase, "I think, therefore I pray."

 Party Started Because of Intolerance to LDS Members Chooses Leader
The political party started when LDS politician Randy Thorsteinson objected to the intolerance in the Social Credit party towards LDS Church members has selected a new leader. The Alberta First party chose elk farmer John Reil as their leader on a vote of about 140 to 50 at the party's first leadership convention.

  Popular LDS Students Die in Lunchtime Crash
Alta High School students, sixteen-year-old Josh Carlson and seventeen-year-old Crystal Cazier were killed less than a mile from campus during lunch Thursday in a three-vehicle accident that injured five others. The deaths of the two popular band students, devastated fellow friends and classmates. Outside the brick school, the flag flew at half-staff with a handful of artificial roses and tulips scattered on the concrete, bearing handwritten messages of love and loss.

  McConkie May Run for Congress
LDS Church member Kathleen McConkie says she is considering a run for U.S. Congress against Rep. Jim Hansen. McConkie, who uses her married name, Collinwood, in her community and in the Church, is the niece of Apostle Bruce R. McConkie and Church attorney Oscar McConkie. She also has yet to decide whether to run under her maiden name, which she uses for business, or her married name.

  New LDS Justices make all-LDS Utah Supreme Court
The Utah State Senate confirmed the nominations by Governor Mike Leavitt on January 5th of LDS Church members Michael J. Wilkins and Matthew B. Durrant to vacancies on the Utah Supreme Court. The appointments fill-out the court and mean that all five justices are members of the LDS Church.

 LDS Conservatives Criticize UVSC Anti-Bias Rules
Some students at Utah Valley State College want the school to change rules that run counter to their group's constitution. The students belong to UVSC's unofficial chapter of the Eagle Forum Collegians. President Kendra Ruzicka wants a requirement lifted that clubs are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. "Our only concern is that in our constitution, that based on moral reasons we are opposed to the homosexual lifestyle."

  Salt Lake LDS Granite Stake is celebrating its 100th anniversary Jan. 29
Salt Lake City's Granite Stake will celebrate its 100th anniversary on January 29th in the Granite Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. The celebration will include a pageant portraying some of the highlights in the stake's history.

 Project Seeks to reintroduce a Mormon crop in Iowa
Citizens in Oakland, in Western Iowa are trying to reintroduce vineyards into the Loess Hills area. Vineyards were first introduced to the region by Mormon pioneers, who planted the grapes to provide refreshment for later companies of pioneers.

Other Local News Articles

Local News From Around the World:

Con man who used LDS Church connections may be out of reach

Manoel F. Silva, a Brazilian who preyed on LDS Church members, fraudulently promising green cards, may be out of reach because the U.S. has no extradition treaty with Brazil, where he fled.

Utah newsline briefs: Ex-Utahn may be out of U.S. agents' reach
Deseret News 20Jan00 D2,1249,150007579,00.html

Local News From Around the United States:

Planned Ward split noted in Modesto Bee

The Salida ward is to be created January 30th from the Modesto 1st Ward in the Modesto North Stake.

Mormon church adds Salida Ward
Modesto CA Bee 19Jan00 D1,1113,128906,00.html
By Lisa Millegan: Bee Staff Writer

LDS Stake Center finished in Hawaii

A new LDS Stake Center has been completed in Makakilo, Hawaii. The $7.6 million building will serve three wards and will be dedicated February 5th.

Across The USA: Hawaii: Makakilo
USA Today 19Jan00 D1

Local News From Utah:

Apostles open Utah legislative session

President Boyd K. Packer gave the opening prayer in the Utah House of Representatives and Elder Neal A. Maxwell gave the opening prayer in the Utah Senate to open the year's legislative session.

Big school-land swap
Deseret News 17Jan00 D1,1249,150006879,00.html
By Bob Bernick Jr. and Jerry D. Spangler: Deseret News staff writers

Historic Kaysville, Utah Tabernacle subject of article.

The Deseret News reviewed the building, which is on the State Register of Historic Sites. The building is still used as an LDS Chapel, although the Church considered tearing the building down in the 1970s.

Kaysville Tabernacle: 88-year-old LDS chapel is unusual and colorful
Deseret News 22Jan00 D1,1249,150007723,00.html
By Lynn Arave: Deseret News staff writer

Alpine, Utah to celebrate founding by Mormons 150 years ago

The town of Alpine, Utah will celebrate its founding by Mormon pioneers who originally called the town Mountainville. Brigham Young changed the name to Alpine in 1855 when he gave the town a charter.

Alpine to spend year marking 150th anniversary
Deseret News 20Jan00 D2,1249,150007559,00.html
By Rodger L. Hardy: Deseret News staff writer

At Fundraiser, even Cook makes fun of Cook

At a packed fundraiser, U.S. Representative Merrill Cook, an LDS Church member, joked about his own strange actions during the past year, which have led to rumors that the GOP may dump him if a better candidate can be found. But GOP officials have denied the rumor.

Cook in back seat for event
Deseret News 21Jan00 D2
By Bob Bernick Jr.: Deseret News staff writer
Wife, Hastert do most of 'talking' at his fund-raiser

Former Salt Lake Mayoral candidate Reid has job in Ogden

LDS Church member Reid lost the mayoral election to inactive LDS Church member Rocky Anderson, and instead will take a job as director of business development in Ogden. Reid had been Salt Lake's top economic developer.

Reid Heads North for New Job
Salt Lake Tribune 19Jan00 D2
By Kristen Moulton: Salt Lake Tribune

Provo connects to Maeser birthplace

The descendants of BYU's first president, Karl G. Maeser, have spearheaded an effort for Provo, Utah and Meissen, Germany, Maeser's birthplace, to become sister cities.

Meissen, Germany, birthplace of Karl G. Maeser, to become sister city to Provo
(BYU) NewsNet 23Jan00 D3
By Rodney Zwahlen: NewsNet Staff Writer

LDS legislators may be keeping Utah from recognizing King

Utah is the only state that hasn't named the January holiday for Martin Luther King, instead calling it Human Rights Day. This article implies the failure is due to "mostly white, conservative LDS members" in Utah's legislature.

Will Utah rename holiday for King?
Deseret News 17Jan00 D4,1249,150006863,00.html
By Lucinda Dillon: Deseret News staff writer

LDS Missions given as cause for long college tenure for students

Students in Utah take 7 to 9 more classes than is necessary to graduate with a bachelor's degree. Students returning from LDS missions are given as one possible reason, since returned missionaries sometimes need to sharpen skills after a two-year absence.

In Utah, college drags out
Deseret News 22Jan00 D6,1249,150008138,00.html
By Joel Campbell: Deseret News staff writer

Local News From BYU:

Elder Ballard charges students to prepare for leadership

Ballard told students that the Church will need leaders in the new century, "The Lord has a work for you to do. In the wisdom of God, there is a reason that you are living at this time as we welcome a new century. I charge you to prepare spiritually and in every other way to be prepared for the important work ahead for you to do."

Elder Ballard charges students to prepare for leadership
(BYU) NewsNet 18Jan00 D3
By Kimberly Feller: NewsNet Staff Writer

Prepare to be strong leaders, Elder Ballard urges BYU students
Deseret News 19Jan00 D3,1249,150007228,00.html
By Jeffrey P. Haney: Deseret News staff writer
Latter-day miracle of growth will continue, he says

Elder Ballard Speaks at BYU Devotional
LDSSA.Net 18Jan00 D3
By Rory Reid

Mission prep class popular, even among those not going

1,774 students are enrolled in "Sharing the Gospel," but many of them don't intend to serve missions for the LDS Church. However, they all still benefit from the class.

Popularity of mission prep classes soars
(BYU) NewsNet 20Jan00 D3
By Emily Cannon: NewsNet Staff Writer

Class allows students to increase testimonies by learning about other faiths

The Gospel and World Religions gives students a broader perspective and helps them understand the beliefs of others.

Class allows students to increase testimonies by learning about other faiths
(BYU) NewsNet 23Jan00 D3
By Emily Cannon: NewsNet Staff Writer

Student-run group brings humanitarian aid to Ghana

The Humanitarian Aid Relief Team is going to Ghana to give aid and training to Ghanaians about the Buruli Ulcer, a disease found in tropical welands.

HART to teach Ghana about dangerous disease
(BYU) Newsnet 17Jan00 D4
By Lois Hassell: NewsNet Staff Writer


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