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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 30, 2000
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Local News

 Orem worried over discrimination against non-LDS
The City of Orem, Utah, plans on re-establishing its Human Relations Commission. The plan follows complaints about possible racism and religious discrimination in the Utah city.

 LDS Ward to Take in Mormon Refugee Family
An LDS Ward in Syracuse, New York will take in a family of Congolese Tutsi refugees from Rwanda later this month. The 11-member Rutogarama family are Mormons currently in the West African nation Benin. They are expected to arrive in New York February 17th.

 Utah House Nixes Bill To Fight Crimes By Polygamists
The Utah State House debated a proposed anti-polygamy law on Thursday before rejecting it, saying that the bill singles out polygamists. Legislators said that the state of Utah shouldn't discriminate against polygamists.

  Foul Language Must Stop on LDS Church-owned Soccer Field
Fed up with foul language drifting from the sidelines of a nearby soccer field that the LDS Church owned, local Church members complained, and the club, Maidstone United, has agreed to put a stop to the language. Since the Church owned the field, the club managers felt they had little choice.

 Balloon Brings Good Out of Deaths of 5 LDS 'Angels'
One of West Jordan Elementary's drug-free pledge balloons made it all the way to Michigan, and it so touched the man who discovered it that he sent the school a gift: trunk releases. He's the one who created the gadgets for GM after five LDS West Valley children died while playing in the trunk of a Saturn.

 LDS Man Accused of Drugging, Assaulting Wife
An LDS man in Edmonton is on trial, accused of using the so-called "date-rape drug" on his wife and sexually assaulting her. Paul Lesniak, 35, testified in his own behalf on January 25th, and denied that he ever possessed Rohypnol or put any in his wife's drink. The case has gained notoriety throughout Canada because it is one of the first involving Rohypnol.

 Religion department looks for qualified women
BYU's College of Religious Education is trying to correct an imbalance in the number of men and women on its faculty. Currently the college has 69 men and just five women teaching, "We are not discriminating against men, but we would love to have more outstanding female scholars," said Associate Dean Brent L. Top.

 Mormon-Urged 1863 Military Action Against Indians Turned to Massacre
A newly-found forgotten four-page manuscript has revealed an eyewitness account of an 1863 military attack on a Shoshoni Indian camp. The detailed account, of a here-to-fore unpublished map and firsthand account of the attack at Bear River, was recovered by Utah historian and Salt Lake Tribune reporter Harold Schindler shortly before his death.

  Peterson speaks at BYUH devotional
Erlend Peterson, Dean of Admissions and Records at BYU's Provo campus, spoke to a devotional assembly at BYU-Hawaii January 20th, and urged students there to "be a standard unto the nations." Peterson said that living the gospel sets LDS Church members up as an example for the world.

Other Local News


Falater Murder Reviewed in Canada
The Toronto Sun reviews the Falater murder case, in which former LDS high councilor Scott Falater was convicted of murdering his wife, after claiming that he was sleepwalking at the time. Sun reporter Haines compares the case to the famous Ken Parks sleepwalking case in Canada. Parks was acquitted of murder using the sleepwalking defense.

The deadly sleepwalker
Toronto Canada Sun 30Jan00 D2
By Max Haines: Toronto Sun

United States:

Kona Hawaii Temple Dedicated
Additional coverage of the Kona Hawaii Temple dedication.

70th temple dedicated in Hawaii
(BYU) NewsNet 25Jan00 D1
By Joe Hollenbaugh: NewsNet Staff Writer

A place of holiness
(BYUH) Ke Alaka'i 26Jan00 D1
By Noella Callejo: Editor-in-chief
President Hinckley dedicates the Kona Temple

Massive turnout for regional conference
During the same trip that the Kona Hawaii Temple was dedicated, President Gordon B. Hinckley presided over a regional conference in Hawaii, which included all the stakes around the island of Oahu.

Massive turnout for regional conference
(BYUH) Ke Alaka'i 26Jan00 D1
By Sarah Lautaha: Staff writer
"Be not faithless, but believing..."

Columnist Criticizes LDS Missionary Activities
Kohl of Texas A&M's The Battalion newspaper criticizes the efforts of both the Gideons and LDS missionaries, saying that their "unyielding persistence . . . ultimately defeats the message [they] are seeking to distribute."

Bible beating down the door
Excite News (The Battalion TAMU) 25Jan00 D1
By Elizabeth Kohl: The Battalion - Texas A&M U.

Simi Valley California Stake holds open house
The Simi Valley stake hosted an open house for the public from 7 to 9 p.m. on Sunday, January 30th at the church's Erringer Road ward in Simi Valley. The open house featured information about the church's family programs, including women's organization, youth sports leagues and Boy Scout programs.

RELIGION BRIEFS: Latter-day Saints plan open house
Los Angeles Times 28Jan00 D1
By Josh Goldstein

La Crescenta Stake Conference Publicized
The La Crescenta Stake's conference was held January 30th and listed in the Los Angeles Times' religious briefs column. The conference featured visiting General Authority Elder Craig Bullock. President Les Steward of the California Arcadia Mission was also in attendance.

Religious Briefs: Mormons sponsor joint conference
Los Angeles Times 28Jan00 D1

Local LDS Church assists Free medical clinic
A United Methodist Church in south St. Louis has established a free medical clinic for Latinos. The article acknowledges that local LDS congregations are assisting the Church in running the clinic.

Free Clinic for Poor Latinos Here is Labor of Love, Mission of Faith
St Louis MO Post-Dispatch pgC1 27Jan00 D1
By Gregory Freeman

Suitland Maryland Stake Open House
The Suitland Maryland Stake held an open house from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, January 29th. The open house celebrated the stake's 20th anniversary and the reopening of its refurbished stake center. The open house featured a concert including the Mormon Choir of Washington. It also featured Personal and family preparedness workshops, Family History Center tours and a genealogy workshop.

NOTES: Open House
Washington Post 26Jan00 D1
By Alysia Bennett

Legislation for Arizona Rep. Steve May, former LDS Church Member, not expected to Pass
Arizona state representative Richard Kyle has introduced legislation calling for the Clinton administration to leave alone fellow representative Steve May, a former LDS Church member, conservative republican and homosexual. May is a decorated Army reserve lieutenant who was recalled to service in early 1999, after public statements about his sexual orientation hit the New York Times. Under the Clinton administration's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, he could be given a dishonorable discharge. The Phoenix New Times doesn't give the legislation much chance of passing, due to conservative LDS members of the state legislature.

May Day
Phoenix New Times 27Jan00 D2


First Utah Lobbying Fine Given to LDS Church's Lobbyist
The first fine given to a Utah lobbyist under new lobbying rules went to the LDS Church's lobbyist Williams Evans, who failed to file a financial disclosure report by the January 10th deadline. But Evans wasn't the only lobbyist to face fines, since several other lobbyists also filed late.

LDS lobbyist fined $400 for late filing of disclosure report
Deseret News 25Jan00 D1
By Bob Bernick Jr.: Deseret News staff writer
Elections Office says others also missed deadline

Utah County Commissioner Gardner Tested Again for Drunkenness
Troubled Utah County Commissioner David J. Gardner, an LDS Church member who was convicted last November and ordered to stay alcohol-free for nine months, has been tested four times in three weeks, but all four tests have come back negative for alcohol consumption. Gardner says that he is hypoglycemic, which leads to some behaviors that make him appear drunk. He now says he may sue the Springville Police Department for actions he says were 'unwarranted.'

County Commissioner tested for drunkenness (BYU) NewsNet 26Jan00 D2 By Ashlee Ainge and Deric Nance: NewsNet Staff

Gardner may sue after latest DUI testing
Deseret News 26Jan00 D2
By Jeffrey P. Haney and Sharon Haddock: Deseret News staff writers
Commissioner's lawyer calls stop discrimination

Utah Governor Leavitt, LDS Church Member, Will Seek Third Term
Governor Mike Leavitt will seek a third term as Utah's Governor, ending speculation that he will serve in the cabinet of George W. Bush, should he win the Presidency. Leavitt says the opportunities in the first full term of the millennium are too great to pass up.

Leavitt running for third term
(BYU) NewsNet 27Jan00 D2
By LINDSAY PALMER: NewsNet Staff Writer

Leavitt will run for a third term
Deseret News 27Jan00 D2
By Lucinda Dillon and Lisa Riley Roche: Deseret News staff writers
Governor says he's best person to lead state into new century

Leavitt Says He Wants 3rd Term, Not a D.C. Job
Salt Lake Tribune 28Jan00 D2
By Judy Fahys: Salt Lake Tribune

New Website 'Rips' on the Media over Mormon Coverage, other Issues
Salt Lake City resident Michael Hayes spent $10,000 creating his website, trying to make it a national clearing house for comment on the media. However, most of the comment has been about local Salt Lake issues, including which of the two major daily's in Salt Lake is more "biased" in its reporting on the LDS Church.

Web Site Devotes Itself to Ripping on the Media
Salt Lake Tribune 24Jan00 D2
Associated Press

Former LDS Church Member Gets Light Sentence for Child Molesting
Cory Larsen, who met most of his victims through his LDS ward, was given a light sentence, just 5 months in prison and 36 months probation, after he admitted his crimes in court. Larsen was spared a potential 30-year prison sentence. He had rallied his neighbors and Church members behind his defense, claiming that he was being framed and spreading rumors that one of his victims was homosexual.

Light Sentence for Child Molester Who Tried to Brand Victims as Liars
Salt Lake Tribune 25Jan00 D2
By Stephen Hunt: Salt Lake Tribune

Mormon Suing U. of Utah Over Required Acting Profanity compared to Jewish Student who Sued Over Choir Singing LDS Hymns
In an editorial, Hill, a lawyer for the Utah Department of Education, says that the case of Christina Axson-Flynn is similar to the case of Rachel Bauchman, a Jewish Salt Lake City high school student who sued the district because her Mormon choir director required her to sing predominantly Christian songs.

Swearing for a Part in a Play Is Sort of Like Singing in the Choir
Salt Lake Tribune 30Jan00 D2
By Jean Hill

U. Utah Says It Will Allow Alcohol in Parking Lots
A Salt Lake Tribune article last week quoted U of Utah President J. Bernard Machen plans to ban alcohol in parking lost, in deference to LDS fans. But the disclosure caused a fury from fans who consume alcohol and Machen now says he will only ban alcohol in Rice-Eccles Stadium.

U. Utah officials end rumors of alcohol ban at tailgate
Excite News (Daily Utah Chronicle) 24Jan00 D3
By Scott Lewis & Matt Canham: Daily Utah Chronicle - U. Utah

Drinking Deemed Legal at U. Tailgate Lot
Salt Lake Tribune 26Jan00 D6
By Brooke Adams: Salt Lake Tribune

Portion of an Interview with University of Utah President Bernie Machen Discussing Alcohol Use at Tailgate Parties
Salt Lake Tribune 26Jan00 D6

Utah House Wants Insurance Coverage for Returned LDS Missionaries
The Utah House of Representatives has approved a bill that would force insurance companies to allow children to be covered until age 26 under their parent's insurance policies. The bill is seen as necessary in Utah because so many college students don't graduate at age 22 because of LDS missions.

House Helps Chronically Ill Patients: (Insurance to age 26)
Salt Lake Tribune (AP) 26Jan00 D4
Associated Press

"Art City" Springville Utah boasts Art Heritage Due to LDS Pioneers
Springville boasts 4.8 fine artists per 100 citizens, a higher ratio than anywhere else in the U.S. Local's trace the community's art emphasis to Mormon artists John Hafen and Cyrus E. Dallin, who founded the Springville Art Movement in 1903. The movement resulted in the community building the Springville Art Museum during the height of the depression. The museum was dedicated in 1937 by LDS Church President David O. McKay.

Art influences lives in the city of Springville
(BYU) Newsnet 24Jan00 D6
By JON LAMOREAUX: Associate NewsNet Sports Editor

131-year-old LDS Pioneer Cabin restored
The cabin built by LDS pioneer Joseph Smith Staker was moved from its location in Richfield, Utah to This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, where it was restored and will be come part of the park's permanent displays.

Sevier Valley cabin nearly restored in S.L.
Deseret News 24Jan00 D6
By Reed L. Madsen: Deseret News correspondent

Garland Stake finds 1930 time capsule, decides to replace it with a new one
During the demolition of a 1930 building built near the Garland, Utah LDS tabernacle, Garland Stake officials discovered a time capsule in the cornerstone containing 70-year-old documents and artifacts. Now the Stake has decided to leave a new capsule in the building now under construction on the site.

1930 time capsule inspires a newer version in Garland
Deseret News 25Jan00 D6
By Don Baker: Deseret News staff writer
Treasures from past lead city residents to prepare similar legacy

Sundance Film Shown at Orem's Family-Oriented SCERA Theater Leads LDS Viewers to Walk Out
A Sundance Film Festival film show at Orem's SCERA Theater, known for its family friendly films and policies, has led theatergoers to complain about the theater showing the film. "Butterfly's Tongue" included graphic nudity, profanity and a sexually explicit scene. Theater owners say that the Sundance Film Festival didn't give them an opportunity to preview the film to see if it would fit their predominantly LDS audience.

Festival film too hot for Orem?
Deseret News 26Jan00 D6
By Frank Curreri: Deseret News staff writer
SCERA board wants advance screenings

Unmarried people and homosexual couples to be banned from foster parenting
The Utah State Child and Family Services Board was expected to approve a controversial rule on Friday that prohibits homosexual couples and unmarried straight couples from becoming foster parents. The advocacy group Utah Children has filed a lawsuit against the policy and two separate Utah groups, United Families International and Tapestry of Polygamy, have filed lawsuits supporting the policy.

Policy restricts foster care
Deseret News 26Jan00 D6
By Dennis Romboy: Deseret News staff writer
Gays, unmarried couples face ban from parent pool

2 adoption bills face opposition
Deseret News 27Jan00 D6
By Dennis Romboy: Deseret News staff writer

Group Seeks to Save Former LDS Cooperative Woolen Mills
Friends of the Mill is trying to save the old Baron Woolen Mills in Brigham City. The Mills were first established by then LDS Church Apostle Lorenzo Snow in 1871 as a cooperative enterprise. Its most recent owners, Bob and Marva Sadler decided that they couldn't afford to keep the mill running. The group can start fund raising activities in about two months, after they have obtained non-profit status.

Group weaving a plan to save woolen mill in Brigham City
Deseret News 17Jan00 N4
By Melissa Ann Wilson: For the Associated Press
It aims to resurrect the old plant as a living history park


Archaeologist Disputes Claims that Bible not historical
Speaking at a BYU forum, William G. Dever, professor of Near Eastern archaeology and anthropology at the University of Arizona Center for Near Eastern studies, told students that the historical record support's the Bible's account. Recent revisionists claim that the bible was written in the 2nd century BC instead of between 1200-600 B.C., and that much of biblical history is a 'social construct.'

Forum speaker disproves revisionists
(BYU) NewsNet 25Jan00 D3
By AMBER MEAGER: NewsNet Staff Writer

LDS Holocaust survivor to speak at BYU
Daniel Rona, who is an American, an Israeli, a Mormon, and a Jew, was scheduled to speak to BYU Students on Wednesday, January 26th about the Holocaust. Rona is a popular tour guide for predominantly LDS tours to the holy land.

Holocaust survivor to speak at BYU
(BYU) NewsNet 25Jan00 D3
By MICHAEL HYTE: NewsNet Staff Writer

Class allows BYU students to increase testimonies by learning about other faiths
The Gospel and World Religions intensively studies other religions, and in the process many BYU students find that their testimonies have been increased.

Class allows BYU students to increase testimonies by learning about other faiths
Excite News (Daily Universe) 24Jan00 D3
By Emily Cannon: The Daily Universe - Brigham Young U.
Class allows BYU students to increase testimonies by learning about other faiths


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