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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 23, 2000
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 Young Mormon missionary dies Friday in crash on Highway 24
An LDS missionary, Sister Melissa Peterson, 22, of Snowflake, Arizona, died Friday from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Peterson, who had been serving for 1 1/2 years, was killed when the car she was riding in was hit from behind by a pickup truck.

  Same Sex Marriage Battle in California Heating Up
As the March 7th vote on California's Proposition 22, the so-called Knight Initiative which would prohibit the state from recognizing same-sex marriages, both supporters and opponents of the measure are ratcheting up their efforts.

 Tension on the Rise Again in Nauvoo
Who really owns Nauvoo? Since President Hinckley's announcement last spring of a temple being built in the footprint of the Saints' lost temple there, controversy has been brewing in the coffee houses of main street as the locals discuss the impact of the temple.

 Russia's Religion Law May Still Threaten LDS Church
With the passing of the millennium, the most stringent conditions of Russia's 1997 religious law were put into place, and fully half the religious congregations in Russia lost their status as legal entities. If the law is enforced, those congregations can't legally worship in public, own property, have bank accounts and engage in missionary or charitable work. While all LDS congregations in Russia are evidently in compliance with the law, they may still be vulnerable to other provisions of that same law, ones that give local governments broad discretion in regulating religions and enforcing the law.

  Baptists Seek To 'Convert' Mormons
Southern Baptists are at it again. Two congregations in North Carolina are preparing a crusade to try and convert members of "cults," which, in their view, include LDS Church members. Baptists say that Mormons are not Christian because they don't hold the same Trinitarian beliefs as most mainline Christians.

 DNA could take genealogy into unknown
A Utah scientist is investigating the possible connection between DNA mapping and genealogy. Thanks to funding from Sorenson Bioscience, BYU microbiologist Scott R. Woodward is heading research efforts. "Each of us contains a genealogy inside the cells in our body. We got it from our parents and they from theirs and so on down the line. We are now unlocking that process in ways never thought possible. This is an area that has not been touched."

  LDS Church opens Park City UT Visitor's Center
The LDS Church has opened a new information and family research center on Main Street in Park City, Utah, where many of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games' events will be held. The center includes a small space for displaying doctrinal quotes and viewing LDS videos, as well as five computer terminals allowing access to the Church's genealogical records.


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