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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 16, 2000
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Local News

  Falater gets life sentence in wife's killing
Former LDS High Councilor Scott Falater was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole yesterday for murdering his wife. Falater was convicted last June for stabbing his wife 44 times and drowning her in the family swimming pool. The case gained notoriety nationwide in the U.S. for Falater's claim that he was sleepwalking during the murder.

  Mormon temple open to public before dedication
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin calls the new Kona Hawaii Temple "a cluster of intimate spaces furnished in comfortable luxury, a hushed atmosphere that reflects members' solemn regard for the place." The Star-Bulletin article was prepared following the press tour of the building in advance of its public open house that starts today.

  Former LDS Missionary Sent to Prison Despite Suicide Fear
Former LDS missionary James W. Penrod, 22, will go to prison, despite the possibiliy of suicide, decided Utah's 4th District Court on Friday. Judge Lynn W. Davis said that Penrod didn't meet the statutory requirements for probation, despite Penrod's claim that prison may lead him to commit suicide.

  Mormon Actress' Suit Gets National Attention
The lawsuit filed by LDS Church member Christina Axson-Flynn against the University of Utah has gained national attention. Axson-Flynn filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking unspecified damages because she claimed that the University discriminated against her for refusing to use profanity. The Associated Press picked up the story on Friday, and Mormon-News has reports of the news item in dozens of newspapers throughout the U.S.

  Mormon Actress Is Suing U.
LDS actress Christina Axson-Flynn is suing the University of Utah for religious discrimination, claiming she was pushed out of the University's Actor Training Program because she refused to use offensive language. According to documents she filed Thursday in federal court, Axson-Flynn made it clear in her audition for the program that she would not use profanity written into parts she might be asked to perform, and the University still accepted her into the program.

  LDS Former Maryland Football Player Charged in Bicycle Incident
Former University of Maryland football player Ed Simms, who is a member of the LDS Church, was arrested following a November 15th incident along with four current Maryland football players. The five allegedly kicked in a door and attacked another student while trying to a recover a bicycle allegedly stolen from Simms.

  LDS Returned Missionary files Mental Health Bias Suit
Michelle Larson, former Snow College student government president, only wanted to hear one word from the Snow College school administration. In late 1996 Michelle was put on medication to treat her manic depressive, bipolar disorder. When Larson returned from a doctor imposed 10-day hospital stay, Snow administrators put her on academic and "social" probation and demoted her from the position she held in her student government job.

  LDS Hispanics discriminated against in Provo, instructor claims
Jessie Embry, noted author and history instructor at Brigham Young University, spoke Tuesday, January 12, before the Utah Valley Chapter of the Utah State Historical Society. As the assistant director of the Charles Redd Center, Embry took many of her remarks from a study the center conducted about discrimination among LDS Hispanics.

  Old Mormon Fort reopened to public
The Old Mormon Fort where the city of Las Vegas was founded in 1855 by colonists from Salt Lake City has been restored by the state of Nevada and opened as a state park. The building is a recreation of the original fort built by LDS missionaries in 1855 and abandoned two years later.

  Smoking Permitted on LDS Church's New Main Street Plaza?
The Salt Lake Tribune's Rolly and Wells report in their column that construction workers on the LDS Church's new pedestrian plaza have a wood shack labeled "Smoking Room" located on the plaza. A reader reported to them that the wood shack was located next to an outhouse, as if it was a temporary accommodation to the construction workers.

Other Local News Articles

Local News From Around the United States:

LDS Church helps honor Martin Luther King

Local congregations of the LDS Church were among those participating in the 7th Annual Celebration Observance of Martin Luther King Jr., sponsored by the Santa Clarita Valley Interfaith Council. The celebration was held January 17th.

Interfaith Council honors Martin Luther King
Los Angeles Times 13Jan00 D1
By Mireta Gurgenidze

Church growth in Hawaii examined

The Provo Daily Herald looked at LDS Church growth in Hawaii in connection with the dedication of the Kona Hawaii Temple. The article traces the history of the Church in Hawaii from the first missionaries arriving in 1850 to the present.

Church has grown strong in Hawaii
Provo UT Daily Herald 13Jan00 D1

Atlanta paper recognizes LDS youth leaving for mission

The Journal &Constitution notes that David James Rogers is leaving for an LDS mission in Guatemala.

Community of Faith: Folk singers due at Moonsongs: Headed for Guatemala
Atlanta GA Journal &Constitution 15Jan00 D2

In Redlands California missionaries recognized also

Tara Cook, 21, and Joseph L. Gilsen, 19, are both leaving on LDS missions. Cook will serve in Bucharest, Romania while Gilsen will go to Indianapolis.

Members of local LDS church to serve as missionaries
Redlands CA Daily Facts 14Jan00 D2

Local News From Utah:

UVSC Faculty Senate decides not to Impeach Senate President

Senate President Ron Hammond was accused of acting unprofessionally in criticizing an ethics course that was perceived by some to have an anti-Mormon bias.

UVSC Senate President Wins Impeachment Vote
Salt Lake Tribune 12Jan00 D2
By Brooke Adams: Salt Lake Tribune

UVSC Senate opts not to impeach Hammond
(BYU) NewsNet 11Jan00 D4
By Alysa Phillips: NewsNet Staff Writer

UVSC votes not to impeach
Deseret News 12Jan00 D4,1249,145018640,00.html
By Jeffrey P. Haney: Deseret News staff writer

Ethics Lesson
Salt Lake Tribune 13Jan00 D4

Group against weapons in schools and churches claims 'balanced' support from Mormons

The Utah Safe to Learn - Safe to Worship Coalition says that nearly two-thirds of Utahns support its proposed ban on weapons in schools and churches, including 'balanced' support among Mormons and Non-Mormons alike. The group is soliciting signatures to get their initiative on the November ballot.

Group says 65% of Utahns support weapons initiative
Deseret News 14Jan00 D4,1249,145019192,00.html
By Lucinda Dillon and Bob Bernick Jr.: Deseret News staff writers

Anti-Gun Group Finds Support for School, Church Ban
Salt Lake Tribune 13Jan00 D6
By Dan Harrie: Salt Lake Tribune

No Alcohol, No Sunday Games are two strikes against Provo Baseball

The predominantly LDS town is requiring that prospective minor league teams live without alcohol sales in a stadium and without games on Sunday. The no Sunday game rule would require approval of both the minor and major leagues; not an easy feat. And alcohol sales are an important source of baseball revenue, making a deal much less attractive.

It May Be Strike 2, But Provo Still Slugging It Out
Salt Lake Tribune 14Jan00 D4
By Mark Eddington: Salt Lake Tribune

Local News From BYU:

Bateman predicts 125,000 missionaries by 2025

Speaking at the semester opening devotional, Elder Merrill J. Bateman said predicted that in 25 years the Church will have 125,000 missionaries in the field, more than double the current number serving.

President and Sister Bateman speak on growth of church, developing charity
(BYU) Newsnet 11Jan00 D3
By Emily Cannon: NewsNet Staff Writer

BYU students urged to look toward future
Deseret News 12Jan00 D3,1249,145018668,00.html
By Jeffrey P. Haney: Deseret News staff writer
Also remember past-century gains, Bateman advises

BYU Cancer Research Center fellowship gets students involved in finding cure for cancer

The Center's fellowship program selects students to work on cancer research projects under the direction of a sponsoring professor. The program's focus on cancer comes from a charge by then LDS Church President Harold B. Lee, who charged the University's students to help find a cure.

BYU students join in search for cancer cure
Excite News (BYU Daily Universe) 12Jan00 D3
By Andrea Laycock: The Daily Universe

Charge from President Harold B. Lee encourages group to find a cure for cancer
(BYU) NewsNet 23Jan00 D3
By John Gambee: NewsNet Staff Writer


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