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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 23, 2000
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News about People

  Marie Osmond Separates from Husband of 13 years
In a short statement released Monday by her publicist, Marie Osmond says that she has separated from her music producer-husband Brian Blosil. Blosil and Osmond have been married for 13 years and have seven children, including several adopted children and one son from Marie's previous marriage.

  Decorated BYU English Professor Arthur Henry King dies
Beloved BYU Professor and Mormon author Arthur Henry King died Saturday, January 15th after many bouts with Parkinson's Disease during the last year. King, 89, had received academic and civic honors in both his native England and in the United States.

  Jan Clayson's Secret Heartbreak
According to the National Enquirer (that font of all unadulterated truth), the early morning smile of CBS's "The Early Show" co-anchor Jan Clayson is sometimes only skin-deep, especially at Christmas. The Enquirer claims that the death of her 11-year old brother fourteen years ago still grieves her. Her father, a talented surgeon, discovered the boy's brain tumor, but was unable to halt it's progress.

  LDS Mathematician's Algorithm Named One of 'Top Ten' of Century
An algorithm discovered by an LDS Mathematician has been chosen by "Computing in Science and Engineering" magazine as one of the top ten "Algorithms of the Century" announced in that magazine's January/February issue. The algorithm, discovered by former BYU professor and sculptor Helaman Ferguson, permits calculating pi and allows the calculation of any one digit of the infinitely long decimal without calculating the entire number.

 LDS Coach Builds Better Lives for His Players
This article looks at the life of Justo Pastor Frutos, the men's soccer coach at Santa Ana College in California. Now a 58 year old grandfather, Brother Frutos has had a positive impact on many lives.

  LDS Military Officer Obtains Medals For Vietnam Vet
An LDS military officer at Fort Hood Army Air Field discovered that Vietnam Veteran Deacon Victor Beltran had never been awarded medals he was due for heroism during the war. So Col. Winn Noyes made sure that Beltran got the medals.

Other News about People

LDS Artisan prepares stained glass for Palmyra Temple

Tom Holdman, who recently gained the contract to do stained glass for the LDS Church's Palmyra Temple, also did the stained glass work for a new library in American Fork, Utah. The library work is a series of 12 panels in the library's rotunda that depict the way time flows through days, months and years.

Am.F. library is nearly ready for books and their readers
Deseret News 20Jan00 P2,1249,150007551,00.html
By Edward L. Carter: Deseret News staff writer
The striking rotunda has ultra-modern color-changing glass

Deseret News Columnist criticizes Snow College on mental health

Columnist Lee Benson suggests that Snow college should recognize that it was wrong in how it treated LDS student Michelle Larson. Larson had a near perfect record when she was hospitalized for 10 days for manic depression. When she returned to school, Snow had placed her on academic and social probation because of the mental illness. Larson, who has since served an LDS mission and gone on to the University of Utah, has filed a lawsuit against Snow seeking damages.

Wake up and smell the Prozac!
Deseret News 21Jan00 P2,1249,150007835,00.html
By Lee Benson: Deseret News columnist


Former Utah State Bar President Jim Clegg

Clegg practiced law with the firm Snow, Christensen &Martineau for 33 years and was state chair of the American College of Trial Lawyers. He was also president of the Salt Lake County Bar and a trustee of the Utah Bar Foundation.

Jim Clegg
Salt Lake Tribune 17Jan00 P2

Educator Ronald Robson Smout

Smout taught in Ogden and Weber High Schools for 25 years and was active in community affairs, serving for 10 years on the Weber County Planning Commission and was appointed by then Governor Cal Rampton to a State Task Force to study statewide use of public lands and development of resources. He was bishop of the Slateville ward for six years and a returned missionary, serving in Southern California from 1955-1957.

Ronald Robson Smout
Salt Lake Tribune 19Jan00 P2


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