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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 9, 2000
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Local News

  Florida Fire That Killed LDS Girls Ruled Accident
The tragic Florida home fire that killed two LDS girls and attracted sympathy and donations from throughout Florida was ruled an accident by investigators Tuesday. Authorities said that the December 16th fire was probably set by one of the four children in the home, who was playing with matches. In addition to the two children, the family lost all their possessions.

  LDS-owned Baseball Fields Involved in Planning Dispute
The proposed development of a 40,000 square-foot parking lot involving a nearby LDS chapel has become controversial as area residents feel they have been left out of the process. Two LDS Church members sit on a committee charged with deciding what to do with the lot, currently used as parking for a nearby public transportation station, but no residents of the area are on the committee.

  Police Arrest Claimed Sandy Seminary Arsonist
Police arrested a man Wednesday who claims to have set the fire in the Seminary office in an LDS Chapel Monday. The 18-year-old man says he set the fire because he was angry with his parents for trying to force him to attend church.

  LDS Seminary in Sandy, Utah set ablaze (Sandy seminary fire was arson, investigators say)
An LDS Church seminary, located inside an LDS meeting house in Sandy, Utah, was the victim of an arson attack on Monday. Sandy Police Chief Sam Dawson arrived within minutes after the obvious arson blaze was started, preserving evidence that will probably allow police to identify the arsonist. The blaze was noticed quickly enough that damage was confined to the Seminary's office.

 Mormon Issue at the U. a Touchy One for Students, Faculty
Bernie Machen, bristling at the suggestion that anti-Mormon sentiment exists at the University of Utah, states that there are no cases of discrimination, no substance to such claims and that he has heard of nothing more than spotty cases of insensitivity during his two-year tenure.


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