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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 9, 2000
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  Tanner Suit May Set Internet Law
The LDS Church's copyright infringement lawsuit against critics Jerald and Sandra Tanner has caught the attention of Internet and Free Speech advocates and may set copyright law on the Internet, should it result in a final ruling. The case is receiving a lot of attention from the press covering the Internet. The Tanners have appealed a ruling by U.S. District Judge Tena Campbell to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, which would resolve the issue for much of the Intermountain West.

  Appeals Court hears Mormon temple suit
The Belmont Citizen-Herald's coverage of the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals' hearing Monday, January 4th on the Boston Temple lawsuit contains interesting details about the arguments presented to the court, and the questions that the court asked. While the arguments presented by both the LDS Church and the Belmont Temple's neighbors were as expected, the Court's questions seemed to imply that the building's size is an issue in the case.

  President Hinckley, Mitt Romney to Speak to National Press Club
LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley is scheduled as the guest speaker at the National Press Club's March 8th luncheon just a month following a speech by the Salt Lake Olympic Committee's Mitt Romney, who will address the luncheon February 11th. The luncheons, which are held weekly, are generally reserved to hear major newsmakers, such as presidential candidates, members of congress, cabinet secretaries and diplomats.

  Religious Coalition Attacks LDS Church on Knight Initiative
77 religious leaders throughout California released a letter Wednesday that they sent to LDS Church officials December 23rd asking the Church to reconsider its support of California's Proposition 22, also known as the Knight Initiative. The proposition, titled the "Limit on Marriage" act, would bar California from recognizing marriages of same-sex couples, regardless of where they originate. The initiative goes to the voters in March.

  LDS Church Hosts UN Diplomats at Radio City Christmas Spectacular
LDS Church member and sports executive David Checketts came through again for the Church, allowing it to host 68 United Nations Ambassadors and Consuls with their families at Radio City Music Hall's famous Christmas Spectacular on Friday, December 10th. Checketts is CEO and President of Madison Square Garden, which owns Radio City Music Hall in addition to the midtown New York sports arena for which the company is named. Prior to the Christmas Spectacular performance, Checketts and his wife Deb hosted a reception for the diplomats.

  New Russian leadership not likely to impact missionaries
The LDS Church doesn't expect any changes in the status of missionary work in Russia because of the surprising leadership change in that country December 31st. According to BYU professor of Russian Donald Jarvis, who served as a Mission President in Moscow and Yekaterinburg until last June, Boris Yeltsin was a strong defender of civil rights and Putin is likely to continue that stance.

  Making the Family Strong: LDS Church agency refocuses on family counseling and adoptions
The recent renaming of "LDS Social Services" into the new "LDS Family Services" reflects a focus change as well as a name change. Family Services Commissioner Fred Riley says "We want to be a force to help families survive in this world. And there seems to be a sense of community support for families, a kind of regeneration [of the idea] that we have to somehow strengthen families."


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