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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 9, 2000
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Business News

  LDS Church Member's Preparedness Business Faces Life After Y2
LDS Church member Scott Sperry's business, Preparedness Resources, Inc., made a killing on Y2K publicity, its sales increasing by 1,200% last year. But now, with the Y2K problem being called a bust, Sperry is facing a possible disaster as customers may feel duped and sales shrink from hype levels.

 Deseret Book expanding in traditional and nontraditional fields
Deseret Book's merger last year with former rival Bookcraft finally caught the attention of Publisher's Weekly, the largest trade magazine for the book publishing industry in the U.S. PW, as it is known, says that Deseret Book is trying to meet the challenge of a growing U.S. market for "wisdom-based literature," and has expanded following the merger, instead of contracting like happens in most mergers.

  LDS Church had 1,650 Real Estate Transactions in New Jersey
A conversion glitch in updating 2.5 million Middlesex County property records highlighted religious real estate purchases in the county from 1946 to 1972. In the process, 1,650 transactions involving the New Jersey Stake (until 1967 only Stake in New Jersey) came to light.


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