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Posted 13 Feb 1999

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Mormon-News has many files here on our website. Hopefully this hierarchical view of these files will help you find what you are looking for:

General Information about Mormon-News:
About Mormon-News: A description of Mormon-News.
Archives: Links to Mormon-News' archives of on-line issues.
How to find bad links: When you discover a bad link in Mormon-News, how to find the original article.
How to report bad links: How to report bad links to Mormon-News.
Mormon-News' Copyright Statement: When and how you can use the information on Mormon-News.
Mormon-News' Privacy Statement: What information we collect about users and how we use that information.
Volunteering with Mormon-News: How to help Mormon-News find and write the news.
Submitting news to Mormon-News: How to submit news to Mormon-News.
Mormon-News Site Index: What's available on this site (This document).

Information about the Mormon-News email list:
About the Mormon-News list: A description of the Mormon-News list.
General information on the email list
List Rules Summary: A summary of the information and rules for the Mormon-News list.
List Rules: Detailed information and rules for the Mormon-News email list.
List Archives: Past messages posted to Mormon-News.

In addition, for each weekly news issue (issues contain stories in the week ending each Sunday), this site has the following files (you can connect to the file for a particular issue from any page in that issue, by clicking on the index on the left side of each page. You can access past issues through the Archives.:
Page One: The most important stories of the week, by category.
Churchwide News.
News about General Authorities.
News about Missions and Temples.
News about Church and Mormon Education, including news about BYU, Ricks, BYU-Hawaii, Southern Virginia College and the Church Educational System.
Stake and Local Church News.
Financial and Legal News about the LDS Church.
News about Church History and Doctrine.
Service News.
Attention given to the Church by the Media.
Political News involving Mormons or Mormon Churches.
Arts and Entertainment News involving Mormons or Mormonism.
Sports News involving Mormons.
Business News involving Mormons.
News about Mormon People.
Internet News involving Mormon sites and services.
News about non-LDS Mormon Churches.
Local News involving Mormons or Mormonism.
News involving Mormon Groups, Associations and Institutions.
A Calendar of events for the next month.

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