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For week ended December 5, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Banned BYU Fan enters MTC (BYU Bans Fan After U. Flag Brawl)

The BYU Football Fan who started a fight with a University of Utah fan during BYU's loss to Utah has been banned from BYU campus, but since Brandon Perry entered the MTC on Wednesday, he won't feel the ban's effect for two years. BYU spokesperson Carrie Jenkins says that he may even be allowed on campus if the MTC says its important, [if it is] "deemed necessary by the [MTC] for him to come on campus, common sense will be used."
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Just Back From Russia With Love

Soon after landing at LAX returning from a mission for the LDS Church to Volgagrad, Russia, Steve McKeon had one simple request. He wanted to go to In-N-Out Burger and eat a double double. "I never in my life had trouble finishing a double double," he said. "I couldn't finish. It was foreign to me."

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A sacrifice for a loving soulmate

In an unusual surgical procedure this week, LDS Church member Mary Lynn Lewis will donate one of her kidneys to her husband, Greg Lewis. The procedure is unusual because husbands and wives usually don't match genetically for such donations. Only three percent of kidney transplants are from spouse to spouse.

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LDS Teen featured in Life Magazine (Survivors)

In an article examining how five women survived brushes with death, 16-year-old LDS Church member Michelle Funk tells the story of her death as a toddler and how doctors at Primary Children's Medical Center revived her. Michelle was underwater in Dry Creek in Salt Lake City for 66 minutes, and clinically dead for nearly three hours when doctors managed to revive her.

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