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For week ended December 5, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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LDS Church Might Need to Quarry More Granite in the Spring (Granite Mining May Be Complete)

The LDS Church's controversial granite-mining project in Little Cottonwood Canyon has finished for the year, and possibly for good, to the relief of the project's neighbors. Last week, work crews pulled out of the site, which is providing granite for the new LDS Church Conference Center.
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Mormon Markers Destroyed

Vandals destroyed commemorative signs at Simpson's Hollow in southwestern Wyoming during the past two weeks in at attack that officials speculate may have been directed at the LDS Church. The signs, valued at $1,000, were the only ones of many along the highway to be damaged.

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First Presidency to deliver Christmas address Sunday at 6 p.m. MST

The First Presidency's annual Christmas fireside will be available worldwide through the LDS Church's satelite network, which will broadcast in North America, and over the Internet through LDS Church-owned MStar.

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Hatch Stalls Latino BYU Graduate's Ascension to Appellate Bench

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and presidential candidate, Orrin Hatch, (R-Utah) has stalled for four years the committee recommendation for the appointment of Richard Paez to a federal Judgeship in Los Angles. One the surface that seems unique as the 52-year-old Hispanic American Paez is a native of Utah, an active member of the Church and a graduate of Brigham Young University.

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ACLU Sues Utah Over Adoption Ban

The ACLU has joined a legal battle against a ban in Utah prohibiting unmarried couples from adopting children. The ACLU says that the ban violates the state constitution and is "grounded in irrational fear and prejudice toward same-sex couples." The lawsuit filed Tuesday is on behalf of two gay couples that wish to adopt.

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(Hatch names a) New capital for Utah

While speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who is an active member of the LDS Church, tried to win points by appealling to zionism and to what Mormons see as their close ties to Jews. But Hatch misspoke in his statement, saying that he supported "a united and indivisible Jerusalem as the capital of Utah."

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'My husband wanted a harem!'

Cosmo has a sensational article this month by former polygamous wife Sarah Foster, who tells her story of living in and escape from a Mormon polygamous clan in Utah. She says of polygamy, "Even though I had been raised to believe that this was the way God wanted me to live, deep down inside I knew it wasn't right. That's why, four years ago, I put my life in danger and escaped from my husband."

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GOP presidential candidate (Hatch) looks for Iowa State U. student support

A recent CNN poll conducted in New Hampshire shows Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch in last place with only 2% supporters even though other more notable candidates have dropped out. However, he is not throwing in the towel and he will be visiting Iowa State today as part of the Presidential Caucus Series.

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LDS Lobbyist says too much Church involvement in Politics is bad (U. Utah speakers discuss religion, politics)

Representatives of four different religions spoke at the University of Utah's Hinckley Institute of Politics on Thursday, December 2nd, outlining the responsibility of religions to speak up on political issues while maintaining the separation between Church and State.

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