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For week ended December 5, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Should Missionaries be evacuated over Y2K concerns? (Missionaries have wings clipped for Y2K)

Following up on reports that the U.S. State department will evacuate 800 employees from four eastern-european countries, WorldNetDaily's David Bresnahan asked LDS Church spokesman Michael Purdy if the Church had similar plans. However, Purdy said that the Church was unaware of the State Department's evacuation plans.
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Y2K fears fuel LDS grounding

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH --Taking a cautious approach to the Y2K dangers, the LDS Church is not allowing missionaries or employees to fly between midnight December 30th and midnight January 5th. The policy was announced in a statement released on Tuesday, which read, in part, "In view of lingering uncertainties as to the precise effect on air travel of the Y2K phenomenon, the church has instructed all employees and missionaries worldwide not to travel by air" during the designated time period. "This is a precautionary measure only and may be subject to change in some parts of the world as developments unfold."

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LDS Church Donates to Ta[estry of Polygamy

Tapestry of Polygamy, a support group for women and children trying to escape polygamous families, has recieved a "modest" donation from the LDS Church. Elder Alexander Morrison met with representatives of the group in September and made the donation. "The women of Tapestry represent victims who have experienced a lot of tears and sorrow in polygamous situations," said Elder Morrison, a member of the Church's First Quorum of Seventy.

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Mormon CEO blamed for 'rookie' mistake (A Costly Rookie Mistake)

Times-Mirror CEO Mark WIlles is under fire from the journalists at the company's Los Angeles Times and elsewhere, who blame a recent embarrassing deal on the publisher Willes chose to succeed him at the Times. Journalists say that the deal represents a conflict of interest, and wouldn't have happened if Willes or the publisher, Kathryn M. Downing, had any experience working with newspapers.

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LDS ward is reborn, stunning

The Salt Lake City 10th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opened its doors this weekend to celebrate the reopening the their historic downtown building. Originally organized on February 22, 1849 by then LDS church President Brigham Young, it is one of the 19 original LDS wards.

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