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For week ended December 05, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001

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Banned BYU Fan enters MTC (BYU Bans Fan After U. Flag Brawl)

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Banned BYU Fan enters MTC (BYU Bans Fan After U. Flag Brawl)
Salt Lake Tribune 2Dec99 P2
By Brooke Adams: Salt Lake Tribune

PROVO, UTAH -- The BYU Football Fan who started a fight with a University of Utah fan during BYU's loss to Utah has been banned from BYU campus, but since Brandon Perry entered the MTC on Wednesday, he won't feel the ban's effect for two years. BYU spokesperson Carrie Jenkins says that he may even be allowed on campus if the MTC says its important, [if it is] "deemed necessary by the [MTC] for him to come on campus, common sense will be used."

And after he returns, Jenkins says he could petition the University to lift the ban, "To say he's been banned for life is too strong," said Jenkins.

Meanwhile, BYU and the University of Utah seem to disagree over what happened during the fight. University of Utah cheerleader William Priddis was running in front of BYU fans during the game, waving a giant University of Utah flag when Perry slipped onto the field and tackled him. Security officers pulled the two apart from the ensuing fight.

While neither Perry nor Priddis are pressing charges, Jenkins suggested that the University of Utah should take disciplinary action, saying she was "confident that the University of Utah is going to take appropriate disciplinary measures.

However, University of Utah spokesperson Fred Esplin said only that the University is reviewing the incident. He called the incident unfortunate and suggested that maybe Priddis didn't do anything wrong, "It was unfortunate that the fan jumped out of the stands, it was unfortunate that the fan tackled the cheerleader and it was unfortunate that the fan wouldn't let go of the cheerleader," he said. "And it was fortunate that the cheerleader was able to defend himself. The security at BYU didn't appear willing or able to intervene on the cheerleader's behalf."

Jenkins insists that BYU security responded as quickly as possible. And BYU Athletic Director Val Hale now vows that giant flags should be prohibited from future games.

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