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For week ended August 8, 1999 Posted 8 August 1999
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Political News

Anti-gay ballot money pours in

Disclosure reports filed with the state of California show that those in favor of the Knight initiative have raised four times the money that those who would like to defeat the controversial anti-gay-rights amendment.

N.J. court outlaws Scouts' gay ban

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the Boy Scouts of America's expulsion of a gay scout leader nearly ten years ago was illegal.

Gay Marriage

The LDS Church campaign to support California's Knight initiative, set for a vote in March 2000, is the subject of this report on NPR's influential Morning Edition news program.

LDS Senator chooses Wedding over Politics (Powell balks at supporting George W.)

Political pundit Robert Novak observes that freshman Senator Michael Crapo of Idaho, a member of the LDS Church, chose his daughter's wedding over voting on a tax bill this past week. Senate Republican Leaders panicked when they discovered that Crapo had returned to Idaho for the wedding, and wasn't available for the tight vote on the tax bill.

Perhaps he should get a Tithing Rebate?

Evidently there are still lots of people that don't know LDS Presidential candidate Orrin Hatch's religious affiliation.

Mormons raise funds to stop gay marriage

In spite of the pressure on the LDS Church over its backing for the Knight initiative, members of the Church have answered the call to support the measure financially. "It's not going as fast as I hoped it would, but it's happening," said Merrill Higham, LDS Church spokesman in Belmont, California. The vote on the measure, which would make it more difficult to allow gay marriage in California, will be held in March 2000.

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