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For week ended August 1, 1999 Posted 8 August 1999
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Well-known LDS Author and Psychologist Carlfred Broderick dies

Carlfred B. Broderick, a well-know authority on courtship, marriage and family, died Tuesday, July 27th at his home in Cerritos, California of cancer. Broderick was very influential through his many books and his speaking at conferences, seminars and workshops, both in Mormon venues and elsewhere. His writing has appeared in LDS Church publications, Dialogue, Time, Life, Newsweek and the New York Times.

The Great Cattle Caper

Prominent Mormon Rancher pulls off biggest tax scam in Oregon history, claims regional IRS agent.

Ex-Utahn's Internet Site Keeps Track of the Lowdown on Lowlifes

LDS Church member Greg Whisenant has found a way to cash in on public interest in police action and "reality" shows, like "COPS" and "America's Most Wanted." Whisenant has created the Crime Reports website, which carries current crime reports from police departments nationwide.

In a former life: Mark Wattles

The current issue of Inc magazine has a profile of Hollywood Video CED Mark Wattles, 39, in a column called "In a former life." Wattles runs the $757-million chain of 1,322 video stores which is headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Actor a perfect fit for Joseph Smith role

VOO, ILLINOIS - This article spotlights Jason Woodland, of Pocatello, Idaho who played the part of Joseph Smith in the "City of Joseph" Pageant. The Pageant held in Idaho, across from the Nauvoo Restoration visitor's center, has grown tremendously since its start some 28 years ago.

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