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For week ended August 01, 1999 Posted 29 Aug 1999

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Actor a perfect fit for Joseph Smith role

Summarized by Janus Wilkinson

Actor a perfect fit for Joseph Smith role
Deseret News 31Jul99 L5
By Stephen A. Martin: Deseret News correspondent

NAUVOO, ILLINOIS - This article spotlights Jason Woodland, of Pocatello, Idaho who played the part of Joseph Smith in the "City of Joseph" Pageant. The Pageant held in Idaho, across from the Nauvoo Restoration visitor's center, has grown tremendously since its start some 28 years ago.

Jason Woodland is said to be a perfect fit for the part of Joseph Smith, who writers described as being tall, athletic and full of charm.

Woodland did not seem to be bothered by temperatures in the high 90's but rather, spent time in the noonday day sun looking out over the pageant area. He attributed some of that to the time he spent in Brazil as a full-time missionary where high temperatures and humidity were common.

More than 50,000 people attended the pageant and saw a cast of over 600 people perform the story of Nauvoo's history.


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