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For week ended August 1, 1999 Posted 8 Aug 1999
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Mormon Roadshows Sent Packing

Many Mormons who have grown up in the LDS church have performed in a roadshow at least once in their lives. People who later grew up to be bankers, lawyers and professors, willingly -- even happily -- participated in that uniquely Mormon summertime ritual: the roadshow. However, in the past decade, roadshows have fallen prey to dwindling ward budgets, a lagging interest in the theatrical experience, and the predominance of passive entertainment such as TV, movies, and the Internet.

Am. F. video store may be winning battle with studio over edited films

James Cameron's oscar-winning movie "Titanic" collided with an unseen iceberg last summer and with two American Fork mom-and-pop businesses. Sunrise Family Video and Towne Cinema unknowingly stood on the front lines in a battle with Paramount Pictures and the right to edit both movies show in theatres and personally owned copies of the movies.

Encyclopedia of LDS Church history due out next year

A group of BYU religion faculty are compiling the Latter-day Saint Church History Encyclopedia, as it is tentatively named, a compendium of biographies and articles on significant people, places and events in LDS Church history. The book will also include articles on every state or country where the LDS Church has had a presence.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in transition

With Jerold Ottley stepping down as the director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in December, Craig Jessop will step up and accept the baton as the new director. Ottley's belief that, "the sum of the choir's parts is greater than the individual parts," and that a "good choir is not a combination of solo voices," will usher in the new Temple Square Chorale and Training School, which some call an MTC for singers.


BYU Studies 1999 Personal Essay Contest

We are happy to announce the BYU Studies Personal Essay Contest for 1999.

BYU Studies 1999 Poetry Contest

We are happy to announce the BYU Studies Poetry Contest for 1999.

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