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For week ended August 01, 1999 Posted 8 Aug 1999

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BYU Studies 1999 Poetry Contest

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BYU Studies 1999 Poetry Contest
Scott and Marny Parkin 30Jul99 L2

We are happy to announce the BYU Studies Poetry Contest for 1999.

PRIZES: 1st prize $200

2nd prize $150

3rd prize $100

ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to everyone except employees of BYU Studies, its editorial staff, members of the editorial and advisory boards, and their immediate families.

DEADLINE: All entries must be received or postmarked on or before December 31, 1999.

GENERAL RULES: BYU Studies has the right of first refusal to publish all entries. It is understood that the poem(s) will not be submitted to any other contest or publication until the contest results are announced or the author receives a letter indicating that a poem will not be published in BYU Studies.

Limit: Poets may submit up to three (3) poems for individual consideration.

Poems should not exceed thirty-five (35) lines, including lines between stanzas.

Each author should include four (4) copies of each poem as well as a cover sheet including the author's name, address, telephone number, and the name of the poem(s) submitted. Neither the name of the author nor any other identifying information should appear on the copies of the poem(s). Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for contest results. Entries will not be returned.

JUDGING: Judging will be blind.

The judges reserve the right to withhold any award if no entry merits the ratings established.

SEND ENTRIES TO: Casualene Meyer 773 Talawah Road, Lot D Purvis, MS 39475

If you have questions, please call (601) 794-6987 or (801) 378-6691.

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