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Posted 09 Jan 2002   For week ended December 28, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

General News
Utah Ex-LDS Members Say They Are No Longer Treated as Neighbors
Worried about what would befall them once word of their defection spread through their Mormon-dominated town, it took 16 months for Suzy Colver and her husband to work up the courage to officially quit the Mormon church. They didn't have to wait long, Colver said. Instantly her family became the neighborhood pariah. She lost every one of her Mormon friends and she wasn't asked to volunteer at her kids' elementary school anymore.
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Local News
LDS Planned NYC Purchase Tied Up in Lawsuit
The planned purchase of a New York City convent by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been tied up in a lawsuit by developers who had also planned to buy the property. The developers, Jeffrey Levein and David Stein, say that the Archdiocese of New York verbally agreed to sell St. Zita's Villa, located at 141-43 West 14th Street and through the block at 144 West 15th Street, but had not yet signed a purchase contract. Instead Levein and Stein were told in June by Sister Bernadette Kenny that the convent was being sold to the LDS Church.
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Staley Leaves Cougars, Will Turn Pro
With deadline entry date of Jan. 11 for the National Football League draft, BYU All-American runner Luke Staley, will have to tackle a career decision of whether to make a run for the Heisman Trophy or declare himself eligible for the draft. BYU head coach, Gary Crowton, claims Staley is still mulling his options.
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Orem Utah Representative is 'Stay-at-Home Mom'
Margaret Dayton decided in 1996 that she would vote for a "good conservative woman" to represent her community in the then upcoming elections for Representative to the Utah State Legislature. Since "no Republican woman signed up to run," she says to explain her decision to seek public office, the only way she could keep that commitment of voting for a conservative woman was to run herself. "It was never a childhood dream or aspiration to run for office. I always wanted to be a wife and mother."
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New LDS Conversion Story Website Launched January 1st
Why do people join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and become a Mormon? What makes a Pastor, Priest or Nun leave their lifelong faith and profession to join the LDS Church, who offers no paid clergy positions? Why is conversion to the Mormon faith such a life-changing event? These questions are answered on a unique new website being launched on January 1, 2002. LDS Conversion Stories ( ) is the site and it's bound to make an impact on the web.
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BYU-Hawaii's Valedictorian Plans LDS Mission
Nicole Kajiyama, 21, of Laie, was the valedictorian of the largest winter graduating class of Brigham Young University Hawaii. A daughter of a Hiroshima survivor, Nicole a self-described human rights activist who has been interning for U.S. Rep. Patsy Mink, will forego her next pursuit of law school and serve an 18 month mission in Hong Kong for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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Arts & Entertainment
'The Forgotten Carols' at the Washington, DC Temple Visitors' Center
You are invited to "The Forgotten Carols," the popular holiday stage production written by and starring Grammy-Award winner Michael McLean, will be performed at The Washington, DC Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ nightly at 7:00 p.m. from Wednesday, January 2 through Sunday, January 6, 2002 (the traditional "Kings' Day" or final day of Christmastide). Joining Michael McLean will be award-winning soprano Katie Thompson and all of the rest of the full cast and crew of the show. All performances are free and open to the public.
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MSI: MSI Up 2% for Week, Adds LaQuinta Properties
The Mormon Stock Index rose 2% last week following a broad-based run-up in U.S. stocks. Overall 29 of the stocks included in the index rose and 14 fell. The index also added hotel property company La Quinta Properties, Inc., for the coming week, while dropping Computerized Thermal Imaging after a Mormon executive left the company.
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