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Posted 09 Jan 2002   For week ended December 28, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 08Jan02
By Paul Carter
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Orem Utah Representative is 'Stay-at-Home Mom'

OREM, UTAH -- Margaret Dayton decided in 1996 that she would vote for a "good conservative woman" to represent her community in the then upcoming elections for Representative to the Utah State Legislature. Since "no Republican woman signed up to run," she says to explain her decision to seek public office, the only way she could keep that commitment of voting for a conservative woman was to run herself. "It was never a childhood dream or aspiration to run for office. I always wanted to be a wife and mother."

She certainly is that. Referring to husband, Lynn, as "my favorite constituent," Margaret Dayton is the mother of eleven--three sons, one daughter, and seven stepsons. She credits the support of her large family for the joy she receives serving in the Legislature and family is foremost in her thoughts as she serves.

"I have one focus that overlaps several issues. My real goal as a legislator," states Dayton, "is to support legislation that strengthens families. I think if you have strong families, you have a strong society."

After graduation from nursing school, Representative Dayton was in the workforce as a nurse. When her first child was born, she left work and enjoyed her role at home. Her own experiences form the foundation for the way she performs her duties in the legislature. She says, "I would never legislate that one parent should stay home with children, but we shouldn't take that choice away from people either, by passing legislation that makes it hard for them to live on a single income."

Next to Representative Dayton's name in the state directory, her occupation is listed as homemaker. Only two children are now left at home, giving her more time during legislative sessions to research proposed law, attend meetings and participate in the dialogue with constituents that are part of her vision of the responsibility to serve. She is the chairwoman of the Education standing committee and also serves on the Rules and Higher Education Appropriations committees, and the Government Operations standing committee.

Representative Dayton recently successfully spearheaded legislation to eliminate a surcharge on hospital bills, citing the inappropriateness of taxing sick people.


Dayton happy at home and in the Legislature
Provo UT Daily Herald pgA1 9Dec01 T2
By Tara Duggan:The Daily Herald


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