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Posted 09 Jan 2002   For week ended December 28, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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New LDS Conversion Story Website Launched January 1st

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Why do people join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and become a Mormon? What makes a Pastor, Priest or Nun leave their lifelong faith and profession to join the LDS Church, who offers no paid clergy positions? Why is conversion to the Mormon faith such a life-changing event? These questions are answered on a unique new website being launched on January 1, 2002. LDS Conversion Stories ( ) is the site and it's bound to make an impact on the web.

The new website is dedicated to promoting stories of conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from people of all backgrounds and from all around the world. "More and more, people are asking the question, 'Why do people join the LDS faith?' and this website provides the answers, first hand," says Cooper Johnson, the owner of the website and member of The Church of Jesus Christ.

Read the story of Eldridge Cleaver, former leader of the Black Panthers, but a Latter-day Saint when he died. Read the story of a man who witnessed Gladys Knight share her conversion story and how this rough and tough guy shed tears for the first time in a religious setting. Read the story of a former Anti-Mormon who went from fighting and criticizing the Church of Jesus Christ to finding truth, hope and peace in it. Read amazing stories from ordinary people.

Johnson explains, "While there are many differences between Latter-day Saint Christians and adherents of other religions, one difference I continue to notice lies in the stories of conversion." Once a few stories are read, it is easy to truly understand that these are life-changing conversions.

It's a good looking site with a great lay-out. The site allows you to select from different categories, to read from. Want to read about someone with a Catholic background in Latin America? Just click and read. How about people of Jewish backgrounds or people who converted in their youth? Click and read. How about African-American or other ethnic backgrounds? They are all just a click away.

"I hope this website helps people of all faiths understand that conversion to the LDS faith is a true conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel. It is powerful and it is real," concludes Johnson.

Being the first website of it's kind, Johnson also says that he plans to grow the website and invites all to send in their conversion story, "It certainly fills a void in religious cyberspace. There is nothing quite like it anywhere."


New LDS Conversion Story Website Launched January 1st Press Release 27Dec01 I4


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