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Posted 09 Jan 2002   For week ended December 21, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

General News
LDS Church Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Harrison, New York
In a new attempt to get its proposed Harrison New York Temple built, the LDS Church today filed a major civil rights lawsuit against the Town of Harrison, its town board, planning board and zoning board of appeals and against the town building inspector, alleging a conspiracy to deprive the Church of its civil rights. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants "deprived plaintiffs of the ability to use their property to construct a place of worship . . . and have engaged in other acts which violate the plaintiffs' constitutional rights."
LDS Church Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Harrison, New York
A pair of LDS missionaries were praised Monday after they saved the life of a teen who had been stabbed. The missionaries were shocked to witness the stabbing Sunday night, but quickly helped the injured teen to safety.
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Local News
BYU Students' Sham Ministry Fails, Leads to Disciplinary Action
Ten minutes on the Internet, allowing Charles Clawson, Corbin Clawson and John Hash to become ministers of the Universal Life Church, may have earned them probationary status at Brigham Young University along with misdemeanors from the city of Provo. In an effort to host a public Halloween dance, and take advantage of a loophole in the Provo City ordinance that requires security guards, a metal detector and surveillance camera, Clawson and Hash decided to use "Internet credentials" to bypass the dance law.
The Church and the Chapel: Meetinghouse Construction in the Former Soviet Union
It is said to be one of the largest LDS meetinghouses in the world. Although its construction was completed over six months ago, the the LDS chapel in Ufa, Russia, lies empty on Sundays, while local church members meet in rented facilities. The building, located not far from the city hall of the capital of Bashkortostan, Russia, was built with all necessary legal permissions. The church was closed by a state inspection board because of uncompleted construction on an adjacent property. The President of the Council of Religious Affairs of the Bashkortostan Republic's cabinet of ministers, Anvar Muratshin, observed at the time that various inspection organizations may raise technical questions to the owners of new buildings, and that "this should not be construed as oppression of believers by the local authorities."
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Staley Named Touchdown Club's Running Back of the Year
One day after undergoing surgery, BYU running back Luke Staley was today named the Touchdown Club of Columbus Running Back of the Year. Staley joins Marshall Faulk, Eddie George, Ricky Williams, Ron Dayne and LaDainian Tomlinson as winners of the Touchdown Club of Columbus Running Back of the Year Award.
Cramer To Play Three Games With U.S. National Team
The U.S. Women's National Team's clash with Mexico on January 12 at Blackbaud Stadium in Charleston, S.C., (7 p.m. ET on ESPN2) will be just the beginning of a three-week trek that will take the team across the world to China, where they will face Norway, Germany and China in the Four Nations Women's Tournament taking place in Guangzhou from January 23-27, 2002.
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Congress Approves Bill to Study Expanding Assistance to Downwinders
Congress has given final approval to legislation sponsored by Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) requiring the federal government to study whether there is scientific evidence supporting expansion of coverage for a popular program assisting radiation victims downwind from the nuclear test site in Nevada. The bill also provides for a $4 million, Hatch-sponsored program to assist communities that want to screen possible downwind radiation victims.
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Internet: Scripture Websites, Study Groups and Symposia
Recently several websites that came to Mormon News' attention seemed to focus on studies of the scriptures and Mormon theology and culture. And they cover a broad range of material, from early editions of Mormon scriptures, to new symposia like the annual Sunstone Symposium West and the monthly Miller-Eccles Study Group.
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LDS Missionary Killed in Montana Traffic Accident
An LDS missionary was killed and his companion injured in an automobile accident Tuesday night. Elder Spencer Goodwin Platt, 20, was killed when the car his companion, Elder Douglas Clark, 20, was driving went off a gravel road and rolled, according to Teton County sheriff's officers.
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Arts & Entertainment
Other Side of Heaven Attracts Mixed Reviews
The major Utah newspapers gave "The Other Side of Heaven" mixed reviews on Friday, its opening day, with the Salt Lake Tribune crediting the film with sincerity that overcomes its shortcomings. But th Deseret News called the film a "disappointment," and the Provo Daily Herald called it "a decent film," but not a great one.
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Huntsman to Delay Purchase of ICI Stake Says Reuters
Billionaire Mormon businessman Jon M. Huntsman is expected to announce this week a new deal, says Reuters, with Britain's Imperial Chemical Industries Plc (ICI) that will delay the planned buyout of ICI's 30% stake in Huntsman International. The delay, expected to be for at least a year, highlights the weakness in the commodity chemicals industry and in Huntsman's financial position, trouble that led Huntsman Corporation, which owns the billionaire's North American operations, to drop two interest payments and watch its bond ratings drop into S&P's cellar.
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