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Posted 08 Dec 2001   For week ended December 7, 2001
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Arts & Entertainment News

Even After Sept. 11th, LaBute's Work Doesn't Change
"The Shape of Things," suffered an ill-timed debut in New York off-Broadway at the Promenade Theater just weeks after the World Trade Center attack. Controversial playwright and director, Neil LaBute, had received critical acclaim when the play opened in London at the beginning of the year, but the tragic story of personal cruelties by LaBute's characters was more than the public could bear after the horrors of Sept. 11.

Film: Feature Films by LDS/Mormon Filmmakers and Actors
The big news in film this week was once again "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", in 1st place at the box office in its second week of release. The opening weekend for "Harry Potter" set a new box office record, breaking the old single-weekend box office record previously held by LDS producer Jerry Molen's "Lost World: The Jurassic Park."

The Other Side of Heaven Theatrical Release December 14
Excel Entertainment Group proudly announces the theatrical release of "The Other Side of Heaven." From the Academy Award-winning producer of "Schindler's List" and "Jurassic Park," comes "The Other Side of Heaven" -- a movie that captures the essence of a beautiful time and a beautiful people in a true adventure story that explores the heart of what makes life worth living. See the movie based on the real-life experiences of Elder John H. Groberg as chronicled in his book, "In the Eye of the Storm."

The Other Side of Heaven: From Book to Movie to Paperback
The missionary memoirs of Elder John H. Groberg, found in his popular book "In the Eye of the Storm," can now be enjoyed in paperback as "The Other Side of Heaven."

Bigfoot and Mormons?
Clan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot is a newly published book that offers a different dimension to the Bigfoot mystery. A recently uncovered document reveals a possible connection between the origins of the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and Bigfoot. Searching through the archives of historical church documents the author; Shane Lester uncovered an extraordinary story that becomes the foundation of a new theory about the origins of Bigfoot.

LDS Film Festival continues
With over 15 events and 750 visitors, the First Young LDS Film Festival was a great success. Filmmakers, theoreticians, film critics and an enthusiastic audience shared a weekend of great films, presentations and discussions.

A Christmas Message of Love, Hope and Healing
When Robert's father suffers a near-fatal injury from an accident on Christmas Eve, the twelve-year-old boy must not only take over the operation of the extensive family orchard, but he also must wrestle to maintain his courage in the face of mounting troubles. This is the setting for "Christmas of the Cherry Snow" (Eagle Gate, $15.95), bestselling author Richard M. Siddoway's newest novel of a family keeping hope in the face of tragedy, and a mother's determination never to give up.

Dealing with Your Weaknesses Can Help You Find Your Strengths
On the outside, Megan seems liek a typical LDS girl. She participates in all the Church programs and always seems to have the right answers. But when she falls in love with Kurt, a young boy who is not a member of the Church and is a couple of years older than she, the standards she can recite by heart just don't feel all that important.

New Products: Trio of Historial Novels, Romney's Latest Primary CD
New on publisher's lists this fall are three historical novels, two of which launch new series. In addition, Clive Romney has released his latest CD of songs to fit the 2002 Primary theme.

Bestsellers: Card's "Shadow of the Hegemon" Hits Bestsellers in Paper
The paperback edition of Orson Scott Card's book "The Shadow of the Hegemon" joined the national bestseller lists this past week, hitting the New York Times' list and USA Today's top 150 in its first week out in paperback. The book brings the number of Mormon-related books on the bestseller lists back to four.

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