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Posted 08 Dec 2001   For week ended December 07, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 05Dec01

By Shane Lester

Bigfoot and Mormons?

EVANSTON, WYOMING -- Clan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot is a newly published book that offers a different dimension to the Bigfoot mystery. A recently uncovered document reveals a possible connection between the origins of the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and Bigfoot. Searching through the archives of historical church documents the author; Shane Lester uncovered an extraordinary story that becomes the foundation of a new theory about the origins of Bigfoot.

"I uncovered an obscure historical document that sheds new light on the Bigfoot mystery. I used this encounter as the basis for a fictional story that links the mystical, legend of Bigfoot to the origins of Mormonism." says author, Shane Lester.

Deep in the woods of Tennessee in 1835, an unparalleled encounter occurs. David Patten, an early Mormon Church leader, unwittingly opens a new facet of the future mystery of Sasquatch. His story will lend new credence to the existence of Bigfoot.

"What does Clan of Cain mean? David Patten described an encounter with a person that represented himself as Cain, the brother of Abel found in the Holy Bible. My first chapter is a representation of the actual dialogue that was reportedly exchanged during this encounter. The book asserts the theory that Cain is in reality the legendary Sasquatch. The rest of the book is a fictional extrapolation based upon the validity of that account," explains Lester.

From the legendary tale the story then propels the reader to the last remnants of undiscovered wilderness of the Pacific Northwest where a young man takes a journey of a lifetime. Spencer James joins a group of scientists in their quest to find the legendary Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. Egos, deception, and conflicting agendas are brought into a singular effort by a millionaire consumed with revenge and hate. Spencer becomes the moral compass, standing alone in a forest of scientific amorality. Despite their technology the truth becomes more allusive, challenging their intent and ethics, questioning the morality of their methods and the very reason for the hunt.

Recent creditable sightings, such as the one by Psychologist Dr. Matthew Johnson on July 1 2000, have reinvigorated the interest in Sasquatch. ( ). The Skookum Cast discovered in September 22 2000 ( ) mentioned in the book is also an important find as we continuethe search for Bigfoot in the new millennium.

A man, a myth and the obsession to know the truth will reveal a story that will forever change the way you think about Bigfoot.

To read the first chapter log on to .


Bigfoot and Mormons?
Shane Lester Press Release 3Dec01 A2
New Theory About the Origins of Bigfoot linked to early history of Mormonism.

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Clan of Cain
More about Shane Lester's "Clan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot" at


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