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Posted 07 Dec 2001   For week ended November 30, 2001
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Arts & Entertainment News

LDS Director Ryan Little Working On New Feature Film 'Out of Step'
What did "Elder Kinegar" do after his mission? He wrote and starred in an LDS dance film set in New York City: "Out of Step." The movie already has a professional official website at and principle photography has already been completed.

New Products: Books for Youth
Loyal readers of Chris Heimerdinger's popular 'Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites' series are glad to see his latest installment in the popular series. "Warriors of Cumorah" takes the series heroes to the last battle at the hill Cumorah, making it the last book in the series -- at least we assume so. But Heimerdinger isn't the only popular youth author who has a new product out. Comic youth speaker John Bytheway has a new talk on CD out, and Cedar Fort is providing a new guide for those leaving their youth -- and moving on to a mission.

Bestsellers: Evans' New Book Looks At His Own Experiences
Richard Paul Evans, author of the runaway bestseller "The Christmas Box," has a new book on the best seller lists -- but one that addresses the previous bestseller. In "The Christmas Box Miracle" Evans looks at his own experiences as "The Christmas Box" went from a modest self-published book to become a runaway bestseller. The other books on national bestseller lists are also familiar. Stephen R. Covey's "Seven Habits" is still there, and Stephen Ambrose's "Nothing Like It In The World," which is back in paperback. interviews Mormon artist David Lindsley has a new interview with the talented artist David Lindsley, who has done work for the Salt Lake visitor's center and produced the illustrations for the recent book by Rachel Ann Nunes "Daughter of a King."

Enoch Train Special Broadcast
When Enoch Train set sail from Esbjerg, Denmark on August 7, 2001, they weren't leaving for an extended vacation. They were commemorating a courageous journey that their ancestors took years ago. And they commemorated that journey the best way they know how. With music.

Best of LDS Film Festival, Starting This Week, Available for Local Presentations
The First Young LDS Film Festival opens this weekend in Provo, starting on Thursday, November 29th, showing a total of 24 short films as well as presentations by a series of LDS filmmakers, a symposium, a panel discussion and a special screening of the hour-long documentary, "The Mountain Meadows Massacre." But the festival is also trying to reach those that can't make it to Provo.

Release of new video titled: 'In Search of Ancient Cumorah'
This groundbreaking video asks; Is the Hill Cumorah near Palmyra, New York the same hill spoken of in the Book of Mormon ? Is the site where Moroni hid an abridgement of the record of his people the same place where his father Mormon hid up the vast Nephite record handed down from one generation to another over an entire millenium ? Is Palmyra the place where two great nations perished in battle?

A Collection of Books for the Ages
Long known for his literary excellence, Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has written more than two dozen full-length books spanning his career as an apostle, administrator, and educator, only eight of which are still in print individually.

Christmas At Studio B Features an All-Star Musical Lineup
KJZZ-TV14 will air an hour-long musical Christmas special with an intimate and uniquely intermountain flavor three times in December. Featuring an all-star lineup of musicians and singers from the Intermountain West, Christmas at Studio B will first be broadcast on Sunday, December 2 at 5 p.m.

Enoch Train Sets Sail for 50 Young Passengers
Eight master musicians, 90 exotic instruments and hundreds of years of folk heritage-that is the formula for Enoch Train, the instrumental Americana folk ensemble whose modern interpretations of folk and hymn tunes were the musical backbone of Sea Trek 2001. Now the ensemble will put their music to work in a benefit concert on December 3 for the Skyline High School Orchestra.

A Study Companion to the Doctrine and Covenants
What can latter-day revelation teach us about the Creation, the Atonement and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? How can knowing the history of the early days of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints help us understand the future blessings promised to a worldwide Church?

Mormon Woman's Quilts on Display at Southern Utah University
"Tradition With A Twist" is the appropriate title for the exhibit of quilts by Blanche Young, nationally-known quilting expert, now on display at the Sherratt Library of Southern Utah University.

Orson Scott Card at Lee Library lecture series Nov. 27
Renowned science fiction and fantasy author Orson Scott Card will be the speaker at the Harold B. Lee Library Annual Author Lecture on Tuesday (Nov. 27) at 4 p.m. in the library auditorium at Brigham Young University.

Student places in national fiction-writing competition
A student at Brigham Young University won honorable mention in the national Stony Brook Fiction Contest.

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