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Posted 15 Oct 2001   For week ended October 05, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 01Oct01

By Kent Larsen

Down Market, Sept. 11th Shuffles List of Richest Mormons

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The current issue of Forbes magazine lists the 400 richest Americans, and in the process reveals a list of the world's richest Mormons. The seven men on the list haven't changed since Forbes list of billionaires this past summer, but their order has shifted because of the declining market and the aftermath of September 11th.

Twice each year Forbes produces lists that can be used to track the richest Mormons. Each October it lists the 400 richest Americans, in the process listing the richest Mormons since Mormon News has not yet identified any Mormon outside the US of comparable net worth. Then each July Forbes lists the world's billionaries, including the same list of the richest Mormons.

Like this past Summer, billionaire Jon Huntsman tops the list at number 50, with a net worth of $3.8 billion. However, this is down from last year, when Huntsman had a net worth of $4.1 billion, but up in the rankings from number 59.

Last October Huntsman was also second on the list, temporarily, behind fiber optics guru David R. Huber, whose latest venture, Corvis, skyrocketed to over $100 a share at the time Forbes compiled its list. Corvis has since dropped to less than $2 a share.

Like Huntsman, several of those on the list lost net worth since last year, victims of the decline in the overall stock market. In addition, Forbes lists several whose fortunes have declined in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, notably brothers Richard and Bill Marriott, whose net worths declined to $1.0 billion and 790 million respectively.

  This YearLast Year 
NameAgeRankNet WorthRankNet WorthResidence
Huntsman, Jon M. 50$3,800 59$4,100Salt Lake City, UT
Sorenson, James L. 60 3,000 99 2,600Salt Lake City, UT
Marriott, Richard E. 158 1,400236 1,200Potomac, MD
MH-Sant, Roger W. 172 1,300121 2,200Middleburg, VA
*-Jannard, Jim 189 1,200218 1,300San Juan Islands, WA
Marriott, J. Willard 189 1,200302 975Potomac, MD
*-Peery, Richard T. 189 1,200189 1,500Palo Alto, CA
MH-Holding, Robert Earl236 1,000308 925Salt Lake City, UT

  • *-Mormon News has confirmed that this person is Mormon, but we don't know if he is active, inactive or of Mormon heritage.
  • MH-Mormon Heritage


As With The Markets, So Goes The 400s
Forbes 8Oct01 B2
By Peter Newcomb: Forbes Magazine

The Forbes Four Hundred
Forbes 27Sep01 B2


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