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Posted 15 Oct 2001   For week ended October 05, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 12Oct01

By Covenant Press Release

Utah Native and World War II Veteran Shares His Miraculous and Touching Wartime Experiences

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH -- For the first time in over 30 years, an American hero and native Utahn shares his miraculous story as the sole survivor of a B-17 shot down over Germany and his nine months as a prisoner of war.

In A Distant Prayer: Miracles of the 49th Combat Mission, Joseph Banks, a two-time recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross-the highest honor an airman could receive during WWII-overcomes unbelievable torture and trials, eventually mounting a miraculous escape.

For years, the horror of his experiences made him unable to share his feelings with even those closest to him. "I wanted to put it all behind me because it was still so vivid and so difficult to bear. Buddies that you sleep, eat, and live with are killed and you never see them again," said Joseph Banks. "How do you share that and hope to have people understand? Over and over I would ask myself why I was spared when my entire crew-all good men-were killed."

Co-author Jerry Borrowman feels one reason Joe was saved is to be a witness to the extraordinary events. "World War II involved thousands of Utahns, including members of the LDS Church, yet their involvement has been given scant attention. The majority of these men and women will be gone in ten years and they will take their amazing stories with them unless preserved."

Joseph Banks hopes that sharing his story may contribute to a rebirth of patriotism, particularly among the younger generation. "I've realized in speaking with young people that they don't realize how bloody and gruesome war can be. It is worth revisiting the nightmare if it will help them to truly understand and appreciate the freedom for which these men and women died"

"Although I still feel the effects of my experiences, both physically and mentally, I am grateful for everything. I understand how powerful prayer can be and I recognize that my life has been a succession of miracles," said Joseph Banks.

Co-author Jerry Borrowman agrees. "Miracles are occurrences that happen infrequently in most of our lives. Joseph Banks is one whose life has been blessed by miracles both during and after the war. His story gives hope to everyone who may find themselves in need of God's blessings."

A Distant Prayer: Miracles of the 49th Combat Mission, by Joseph Banks and Jerry J. Borrowman ($17.95 hardcover) is published by Covenant Communications, and is available at bookstores everywhere, or at

Founded in 1958, Covenant Communications publishes more than 100 book, audio, and software titles annually, and is the largest independent publisher in the LDS market.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS Joseph Banks was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He was 18, married, and expecting a child when he was drafted into the war. He served as a combat airman during WWII when he was shot down on his 49th mission-one mission away from returning home.

Jerry Borrowman is the co-author of another WWII biography, Three Against Hitler, written with Rudi Wobbe.


Utah Native and World War II Veteran Shares His Miraculous and Touching Wartime Experiences
Covenant Communications Press Release 3Oct01 A2

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More about "A Distant Prayer: The Miracles of the 49th Combat Mission" by Joseph W. Banks and Jerrold J. Borrowman at


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