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Posted 27 Aug 2001   For week ended August 3, 2001
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Arts & Entertainment News

NYC's Whitney Museum Exhibit's Retrospective on Mormon Artist
One of New York City's most prestigious art museums, the Whitney Museum of Art, opened a major retrospective recently on Wayne Thiebaud, an Arizona native who grew up in a devout Mormon family. Over his career, Thiebaud has become a well-recognized artist whose reputation is ranked among the most important in Modern art and whose work is represented in major art books.

Play About LDS Missionaries in New York Readings
LDS actor and budding playwright Matt Toronto is hosting two readings of his first full-length play, "Mysterious Ways," hoping to attract a producer. According to Toronto, the play explores the relationship between two LDS missionaries and an atheist with whom their lives become intertwined.

Maren Ord Tells Edmonton Sun About Career
With tours shaping up for fall and a series of free concerts at Kinsmen Park during the World Championships in Athletics and playing in Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair, Maren Ord has been forced to quit her part-time job at Treasured Memories. What has been been bad for the scrapbook industry has been good for the music business.

New Products: Helmuth Hubener Story Told for Kids
The story of three LDS youths who defied the Nazi's during World War II is the subject of a new book from the national publisher Holiday House, which came to Mormon News' attention this week. While the story has been told before, it hasn't been written for a teen-age audience before. In addition to that book, "Brothers in Valor," New titles include books by Elder Stephen D. Nadauld, a re-issue of B.H. Roberts' "Missouri Persecutions" and a local history covering the Church in Palmyra, New York, written for last year's Temple dedication.

Special Broadcast of Michael McLean's 'Safe Harbors'
Tuesday July 31 and Thursday August 2, 2001 KZION will broadcast Michael McLean's CD "Safe Harbors" in it's entirety. Michael McLean is known as a performer, composer, songwriter, producer and director, with a list of accomplishments reflecting well in each of those areas.

An Evening of Music and Inspirational Words with Michael McLean
An Evening of Music and Inspirational Words with Michael McLean recording artist, singer/songwriter, director/producer on Saturday, August 18th at 7:30 p.m. in the new 500-seat theater at Washington, DC Temple Visitors' Center. The concert is free and open to the public.

Arts & Entertainment News Briefs

"City of Joseph" Author Performing in This Year's Pageant
Thirty years after he wrote the musical "City of Joseph" with composer Maughn McMurdie, Don Oscarson has returned to Nauvoo and is performing in the musical along with 10 members of his family. Oscarson had no idea that the show would eventually draw as many as 50,000 people each year during a two-week run. "I just felt the story of this city needed to be told in some kind of outdoor production," he said. First performed in an indoor theater in 1971, the show wasn't performed outdoors until 16 years after it was written, in 1976, when an outdoor amphitheater was constructed for it. "There was absolutely nowhere to do this," Oscarson said. Some 1,300 people apply to be a part of the roughly 500-member cast each year, according to Oscarson, who ran the show for its first two decades.


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