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Posted 05 Aug 2001   For week ended August 03, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 03Aug01

By Kent Larsen

New Products: Helmuth Hubener Story Told for Kids

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The story of three LDS youths who defied the Nazi's during World War II is the subject of a new book from the national publisher Holiday House, which came to Mormon News' attention this week. While the story has been told before, it hasn't been written for a teen-age audience before. In addition to that book, "Brothers in Valor," New titles include books by Elder Stephen D. Nadauld, a re-issue of B.H. Roberts' "Missouri Persecutions" and a local history covering the Church in Palmyra, New York, written for last year's Temple dedication.

Elder Nadauld's book, "Justified by Faith" looks not only at faith, but Justification and Grace. His approach is very practical, putting his subject in down-to-earth, everyday terms. Also new is a book by Ted Gibbons, "Life is a Test," which looks at the purpose of life as if it was a school test.

New and recent products:

Justified by Faith, by Stephen D. Nadauld
Deseret Book
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $18.95

Elder Nadauld takes a fresh, practical approach to faith, looking at what it means in down-to-earth, everyday terms. He ties this discussion to two other gospel principles -- justification and grace. He explains how to achieve justification and describes the role of the Holy Ghost in the process.


Justified by Faith
More about "Justified by Faith" by Stephen D. Nadauld at

Missouri Persecutions by B. H. Roberts
Maasai Publishing
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $13.95

New edition of B. H. Robert's classic account of the settling of western Missouri, identified as Zion by Joseph Smith. He identifies the reasons that neighbors were suspicious, the persecutions that followed and the Saint's exodus to Illinois. Out of print since a Bookcraft edition was published in 1965.

This Life is a Test by Ted Gibbons
Maasai Publishing
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $11.95

Using the metaphor of a school test, Gibbons explores the purpose of life in a unique and refreshing approach to the challenges of mortality. He looks at the rules by which the test is conducted, where it is given and what the final grade is.

L.D.S. Church History in the Palmyra Area 1900-2000 by Roger J. &Diane K. Adams
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $12.95

Locally-written history of the LDS Church in Palmyra since 1900, including the development of the LDS Church's Hill Cumorah pageant. Includes a chronology, a 34-page history, more than 20 pages of information about the Palmyra Temple dedication, including the Dedicatory prayer and stories about the Temple's altar cloths, moonstones, Presidency and the contents of its cornerstone. Also includes histories of the pageant, its costumes and of the Buffalo, Jamestown, Owego, Syracuse and Utica stakes.

Available from Sweet Enterprises
47 Backus Road
Webster,NY 14580
(716) 671-2157
or from the Cumorah Country Bookstore in Palmyra.

Brothers in Valor : A Story of Resistance by Michael O. Tunnell
Holiday House
Book; National Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Characters $16.95

Fictionalized version for teen-agers of true story of German resistance to Hitler by three LDS youths, Rudi Ollenik, Helmuth Hubener and Karl Schneider. Troubled that the branch leader, President Zander, runs the Hamburg group "as if God, church, and Hitler were all in league," the boys join Hitler youth groups so as not to make trouble for their parents, but they loathe the Nazis. After World War II begins, Helmuth decides to fight back. He listens to the BBC broadcasts; writes up the British news to expose lies in the German media and, with Rudi and Karl's help, distributes his handbills through mail slots and in telephone booths. Caught in 1942, tried and tortured, Helmuth is executed while the other boys are sentenced to prison terms.


More about "Brothers in Valor : A Story of Resistance" by Michael O. Tunnell at


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