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Posted 03 Jun 2001   For week ended May 25, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 28May01

By 'Editor, LDSCaNews'

Lethbridge Man Had Two lives

LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA, CANADA -- The name's Lickiss. Kenneth Lickiss. No, wait a minute, it's Scott Davion. Actually, no it's Kenneth Lickiss. And that's the way life has gone for a Lethbridge man for the last seven years.

Lickiss, a native of Lethbridge ran away from home after a family argument and hitchhiked to California in hopes to see the Golden State before he took his life. On his way down, he began telling people he was only 15 years old and that his name was Scott Davion.

While he was in California, he met a sister missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He had convinced her that he was homeless, an orphan and illiterate. She then told him to visit her mum in the Salt Lake City area, helping him avoid the suicide he had been contemplating.

Lickiss, now 32 and still looking like he's only 24, managed to convince the Salt Lake family that he was a teenager. Seeing this as an opportunity to change his life around, he began to create for himself a complete individual based on the age and name he had revealed to the missionary. As far as he was concerned, Kenneth Lickiss actually ceased to exist.

The Salt Lake family fostered him for four years, providing him with a high school education and even introducing him to the gospel which he eagerly embraced.

Four years after leaving Lethbridge, Lickiss moved out of his new home and got a job and an apartment in Sandy City, a suburb of Salt Lake. He eventually got a corporate salesman position with Elite Systems Computer Corporation.

Then customers started complaining they had received a faulty computer from the store. But the store manager could find no record of the sale. Before long, it was discovered that other computers had been sold without the knowledge of company executives. It seemed that someone at the company was buying computers using stolen credit card numbers and then reselling them.

Through a series of events, Lickiss' secret identity began to unravel, and he ended up becoming a suspect. Now he's being charged with theft and nine counts of fraud related to the illegal computer sales. In fact, a warrant was filed last week and an extradition order is in the process.

Lickiss maintains his innocence, saying that he had nothing to do with those computers. One other person is also under investigation but because of Lickiss' masquerade, he's having a hard time convincing people that he's not guilty. He's planning on fighting extradition.

He's back in Lethbridge. His relationship with his family is much improved and his life is now back to normal, for the most part.

Lethbridge Herald, 17 May 2001


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